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Love the reconstruction of the disaster area, Zoomlion in action (I)

Guide: love the reconstruction of the disaster area, Zoomlion in action, Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. Post Earthquake Reconstruction Service consolation activities are more convenient to process series of reports (I) among all the temporary resettlement housing construction projects, our speed is the fastest, and Zoomlion's concrete equipment is really speechless! In the blockbuster just built

love for reconstruction in disaster areas, Zoomlion in action

series of reports on the post earthquake reconstruction service condolences activities of Zoomlion Heavy Concrete Machinery Company (I)

"among all the temporary resettlement housing construction projects, our speed is the fastest, and Zoomlion's concrete equipment is really speechless!" In front of the newly built temporary resettlement houses in Dujiangyan City, Shi Zhuren of the Engineering Department of Chengdu Construction Engineering Group made such an exclamation with a resolution of 0.001 mm

it is understood that nearly ten Zoomlion pump trucks entered the hardest hit Dujiangyan City on May 19 to build temporary houses. After 10 days of continuous construction, the foundation pumping task of 200000 square meters of temporary resettlement houses was completed, and the resettlement problem of 5000 victims was successfully solved

the service consolation activity of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly aimed at the comprehensive free maintenance of Zoomlion concrete equipment in Sichuan. At the same time, it will collect customers' opinions on the difficulties existing in the use of equipment in post disaster reconstruction, and plan the follow-up service content in the later stage according to the relevant opinions. Dujiangyan City is the first stop of the service condolences in the disaster area. The motorcade has just entered the urban area, and the large cracks on the road make people still fear the major disaster that has just happened here. Most of the destroyed houses have been cleaned up, all kinds of tents have been set up on both sides of the street, and people's life has begun to restore order. The most striking building in the urban area is a large number of temporary resettlement houses with blue roofs and white walls. Many victims have moved in one after another, and more temporary resettlement houses are still under intense construction

at 10 a.m. on June 5, he came to the construction project Department of a temporary resettlement house in the urban area with the free maintenance service team to carry out routine inspection on some Zoomlion concrete pump trucks that have worked continuously for several days. The service engineers of Zoomlion did not stop in the scorching sun and sweat

"it is really meaningful for Zoomlion to take such measures in this special period. Now the built resettlement houses are far from meeting the demand, so our construction is very tight. Your service has really solved our worries!" In the face of the earthquake, a pilot of the construction team was full of praise for the earthquake service and care activities of Zoomlion

in the face of this disaster, Zoomlion people have been concerned about the people in the disaster area in various ways. From staff donations, to the donation of a large number of equipment, to the development of a series of care activities for post disaster reconstruction, are continuing. It is under the concept of Zoomlion's cultural governance of the enterprise that the love of employees and the enthusiasm of the enterprise for charity and public welfare have been best reflected

Huang Lei, Xu Yujie, Zoomlion concrete machinery branch


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