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Share the same breath and work together with owentop to be the anti haze guardian

introduction: "one day, a dome flew from the sky, which shut down a quiet town, and the people inside were isolated from the world." Chai Jing said, "we live in such a reality."

introduction: "one day, a dome flew from the sky, which shut down a quiet town, and the people inside were isolated from the world." Chai Jing said, "we live in such a reality."

recently, the smog documentary "under the dome", shot by Chai Jing, a former well-known CCTV host at her own expense, has become popular on the Internet. The video has been broadcast more than 100 million times on various Internet platforms. Keywords such as "smog", "energy crisis" and "energy conservation and emission reduction" have once again become the focus of public opinion

the film is based on "what is haze? Where does it come from? What should we do?" The three questions cut in and explained the harm, causes, governance difficulties, experiences and lessons of haze to the audience in simple terms. In addition to the data-based comparative analysis of the haze situation in the past year, they also visited experts in environmental protection, petrochemical and other industries and fields, and explained the current situation of haze in many cities in China. For example, more than 60% of China's air pollution comes from the combustion of coal and oil. China's coal consumption exceeded that of other countries in the world in 2013. The haze problem is largely an energy problem. It can be said that on the issue of environmental pollution, which is a common concern of the whole people, "under the dome" has aroused the resonance of many people, "don't wait for the problem to come out before you can recover it. We live in the same sky, and haze has become a problem that everyone must deal with and urgently need to solve!"

what should we do in the face of the raging haze? Participating in energy-saving consumption should be one of the most direct ways for the public to contribute to environmental protection. The national energy conservation and emission reduction manual compiled by experts organized by the Department of science and technology for social development of the Ministry of science and technology and the China Agenda 21 management center selected 36 daily activities in terms of clothing, food, housing, transportation and use of these materials, which will reach 13000 tons of people's daily life, and calculated the energy conservation and emission reduction potential of individual citizens or families. For example, reasonable heating: by adjusting the heating time and intensity, using the compartment heating valve and other measures, each household can save about 326kg of standard coal and reduce 837kg of carbon dioxide. If 10% of households in northern cities and towns complete heating transformation every year, the country can save about 3million tons of standard coal and reduce 7.7 million tons of carbon dioxide every year; Rural residential heating with solar energy: a rural residential heating with passive solar energy can save about 0.8 tons of standard coal and reduce 2.1 tons of carbon dioxide. If 10% of new houses in rural China use passive solar heating every year, the country can save about 1.2 million tons of standard coal and reduce 3.084 million tons of carbon dioxide

as the world's leading supplier of integrated solutions for HVAC systems, Irving top of Germany is the flag bearer for the popularization of energy-saving consumption. The solar energy system under the company can be applied to domestic hot water system, heating system and industrial heating system. The system is controlled by the pump station and the controller integrated on the pump station. The pump station controls the working medium circulation of the economizer and the heat storage tank according to the heat medium temperature of the collector and the load of the heat storage tank, which can reduce the consumption of fossil energy. At present, about 40million plastic lunch boxes and carbon dioxide emissions are used by the domestic interconnected meal ordering platform in one day, The system is highly independent and has the advantage of improving the value of real estate

the heat supply system, which is also the anti haze guardian, uses the static hydraulic balance valve installed in the front of the building to realize the rational distribution of high-temperature hot water and low-temperature hot water after heat exchange at the primary side according to the design value, so as to ensure that the hot water flow in the hot area or heating building is sufficient. The thermostatic valve can also be installed at the inlet end of the radiator to adjust the indoor temperature according to the user's needs, so as to realize the independent control of the radiator, and solve the thermal and hydraulic imbalance caused by the different length of the pipelines between the buildings between the floors, the different size of the heat dissipation area, the different pipeline structure, the different resistance, the different pressure difference and the different heat dissipation in the heating system, so as to achieve the energy-saving effect

<1. Affirmation of fatigue life: p> "There is a dome above everyone's head, and we are used to living a busy life with our heads down. We never look up at the most beautiful sky above our heads. However, compared with the substantial growth in 2012, as long as we look up, we will see its changes. As long as we reach out, we seem to be closer to it. As long as people join hands, we seem to be able to touch it. This world is related to us, and the future world is also related to us Are closely related. " Defend the clear water and blue sky, work together with owentop as an anti haze guard, and contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction in a comfortable and healthy living environment

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