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Why digital printing

in recent years, digital technology has greatly changed the situation of the printing industry. Drawing design, making half tone images, trapping, making up and proofing, all these work from file preparation to printing are digitized and processed by computers. Now the printing press itself has entered the digital age, and some new printing functions were unimaginable before

what is a digital printer

the digital printer is composed of imaging laser (or LED), new plate, photosensitive drum and ink. Models provided by different suppliers, from high-speed laser printers to traditional offset printing models, have a variety of functions and printing methods. The digital printer not only directly prints the archives, but also automatically uses the archives management for the use of color pictures, eliminating the time-consuming and costly film output, and the preparation and calibration of printing plates and inks. Although there are still some limitations, these printing methods combine professional printing with desktop system to realize short version four-color printing with short turnover period, high flexibility and good economy

short turnover period

depends on different binding methods. Generally speaking, an experienced digital printing factory can shorten the printing cycle to less than 48 hours


as some methods of the fastener pulling machine in the digital printing machine are taught by us, the plate or photosensitive drum can generate images in real time. Even if the files are modified before printing, they will not cause or cause losses. The electronic printing plate or photosensitive drum enables you to change the image or text of each page while printing, so that the content of each page is different. This is called personalized function. In addition, you can transfer the electronic files to other places, and you can print them anywhere in the world. If you have thousands of 50 page pamphlets that need to be distributed at the year-end meeting, this printing method can solve the problem of transporting these printed materials

four color short edition printing

digital printing eliminates most of the pre press preparation in traditional printing, and makes the four-color short edition printing - whether it is five or five thousand copies - tend to a reasonable price. Although the cost of digital printing is higher than that of traditional printing, if the same short edition business is done by traditional printing, the cost will be higher


most digital printing machines do not have the rich expressiveness of traditional seven color printing machines, so the design of four-color archives should not be too complex or deliberately pursue the accuracy of color. These new printing presses are not intended to replace traditional printing, but are aimed at some markets that traditional printing cannot achieve

when to choose digital printing

digital printing is suitable for the replacement printing of four-color automotive parts requiring short turnover period and high flexibility. In some cases, such as designing coupons and making marketing materials. The use of digital printing will achieve good results that cannot be achieved by other methods. If you want to customize the content of each page - for example, in the real estate sales data, the selection of airborne system suppliers is steadily carried out at the same time, leaving the same text and replacing different photos - digital printing will be your only choice. At present, digital printing has just started. With the development of computer, laser, printing plate, ink and other technologies. Digital printing will provide more new functions. Comparison between digital printing and traditional offset printing process:

offset printing

digital printing

traditional offset printing requires a lot of time, manpower and material resources to produce high-quality color prints. When printing a large number of prints (more than 5000 copies). Traditional printing is often more economical than digital printing, and it can provide a variety of ink, paper and other printing materials. However, because traditional printing requires so much preparation, four-color short edition printing is often uneconomical

no film is required for digital printing, automatic pre press preparation, and the printer directly provides proofing. Because the printing plate or drum can be imaged in real time, it is possible to modify the prepress file or change the content while printing. Since digital printing does not require a lot of manpower and processes, the level and experience of operators are very important for high-quality finished products

development of printing:

offset printing s1970ss the first offset printing machine invented the principle of the copier invented the intertype Phototypesetter Phototypesetting improved the utilization of the offset printing machine used CRT electronic typesetter used Heidelberg GTO used color electronic prepress system used linotronic laser image output machine used Heidelberg gto-di used Heidelberg Kuaiba electronic imaging printing invented electrostatic color copying technology used xerox914 copier desktop

laser printer


laser copier Xerox

docutech large capacity copier chrompress,

xerkon dcp-1, indigo E-print new generation system - desktop publishing ibm

desktop computer apple

Apple Computer adobe

postscript desktop publishing system postscript

level 2 the development of digital printing always follows the development of electronic, laser and computer technologies. Since 1950, the speed and flexibility of four-color printing have been significantly improved. With the digitalization of typesetting and design in desktop publishing, printing has also begun to be undertaken by computers

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