Why choose fireproof glass

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Why choose fire-proof glass

this year, there were several major fires in China, such as CCTV Fire, Xidan fire, a fire in a clothing wholesale market in Wuhan, a fire in a warehouse in Jiangxi, which caused all the new year's goods to burn out, and so on. One case by one is shocking. While people feel sorry for the property losses caused by these fires, they can't help but ask, today, fire control is so convenient and rapid, Why can such a great loss be caused? On the one hand, people did not take fire prevention measures because of their weak awareness of fire protection. On the other hand, developers or designers did not fully consider the application of fire-proof glass in their design, thus delaying the best fire-fighting opportunity and causing large-scale property losses So what is the role of fireproof glass in architecture? How can developers or designers reasonably choose fire-proof glass

recently, the author participated in the "China international advanced seminar on doors, windows and curtain walls" jointly organized by Sino German Jianlian exhibition company and tainuofeng. At the seminar, experts from Pierre Hilton Group and Beijing Green Jinfeng company, who are good at producing and developing fire-proof glass, said that when selecting fire-proof glass, buildings must exaggerate the choice of location, and different fire-proof glass must be selected for different locations

we know that fireproof glass can be divided into composite fireproof glass and single fireproof glass shared with entrepreneurs after obtaining product certification; From the perspective of fire resistance, it can be divided into thermal insulation type fire-proof glass and non thermal insulation type fire-proof glass Monolithic integrated fire-proof glass belongs to non insulated fire-proof glass, which is mainly used in:

1, external curtain wall and outdoor window

2, daylighting roof

3, smoke retaining vertical wall

4, non insulated fire-proof glass door

5, fire-proof glass partition wall without heat insulation requirements

6, fire-proof glass partition wall that requires heat insulation and can use water spray system, and composite fire-proof glass belongs to insulated fire-proof glass, It is mainly used in:

1), safe escape routes (staircases, corridors)

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2), elevator lobby and its surroundings

3), shared space (glass partition wall and doors and windows)

4), library storage room

5), external wall windows of adjacent buildings (insufficient spacing)

6), perspective floor with fire protection requirements

7), underground parking lot (elevator exit and elevator hall)

8), factory and office partition wall

9) Disaster prevention central and central management rooms

10), restaurants, kitchen cubicles

11), fire door components (windows or full glass doors)

12), when used for external windows and external curtain walls, the design scheme should consider the combination of fire-proof glass and PVB laminated glass. Therefore, it calls on broad developers and designers to strictly control the application of fire-proof glass in the design scheme, so as to provide residents with a safe and secure living environment Jiayirong tmemi ⑵ 00 because of its special structure and ultra-high mobility

knowledge literacy of fire-proof glass

single piece fire-proof glass product introduction: it is a kind of fire-proof glass with single-layer glass structure Maintain the integrity of fire resistance within a certain period of time, block open fire, toxic and harmful gases on the fire facing surface, but do not have the effect of temperature and heat insulation

product introduction of composite heat insulation fireproof glass: it is composed of multilayer glass original sheet and water-soluble inorganic fireproof adhesive interlayer At the same time, meet the requirements of fire integrity, fire resistance and heat insulation

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