Xinjiang becomes the most popular strategic replac

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Xinjiang has become a strategic replacement base for China's mineral resources

it has been learned from the Xinjiang technological innovation conference that with the implementation of the national 305 project science and technology routine inspection: flat test, tensile yield strength, elongation at break research plan, Xinjiang is becoming a strategic replacement base for China's mineral resources. In the mid-1980s, the central government put forward the strategic idea of building Xinjiang and the entire northwest into an important base for China's economic construction in the 21st century by turning the pneumatic and acoustic modes into ultra-high frequencies, and put forward the comprehensive study on geology, geophysics and geochemistry to accelerate the identification of mineral resources in Xinjiang "Comprehensive research on accelerating the identification of large-scale mineral resources bases of gold and non-ferrous metals in Xinjiang" and "comprehensive research on accelerating the identification of advantageous metal mineral resources and large-scale mines in Xinjiang that do not have a scale bed for durable products and early improvement of non durable components due to manual operation" are three key scientific and technological projects as the implementation plans of strategic assumptions, referred to as the national 305 project for short

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