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Landsea: why do you need a modular IPPBX

what is modularity? To put it simply, it means that different parts are combined like building blocks and built into whole parts of different styles to achieve differentiated requirements

of course, the benefits of modularity go far beyond these. For example, if the requirements change during use, the user does not need to re purchase the whole equipment, but only needs to add or replace modules. Modular design helps enterprises reduce equipment maintenance costs and prolong equipment service life

in the past ten years, each generation of IPPBX launched by Landsat has been integrated with modular design. We hope to use flexible and efficient port module combinations to help enterprises use IP group systems that truly meet their own needs. 2. increase the reproducibility of the test

up to now, the new generation of Longview ippbx-s series is no longer limited to the modularization of ports. Users can also match the E1 digital relay interface to quickly realize the concurrent expansion of extensions and calls

port module

generally, the Landsat s series ipp1 is a digital display box that displays the experimental results. The four models of BX support the installation of port modules

s2 module, with 2 FXS ports, is used to access analog phones or fax machines

o2 module, with 2 FXO ports, can access 2 PSTN external lines

so module, with 1 FXS port and 1 FXO port, can realize escape function

gsm/umts module, which can be installed with a GSM or UMTS card to help enterprises introduce the external line of the card

ex08 expansion board can be installed on S100 or S300. Each ex08 expansion board provides up to 4 port module slots

ex30 expansion board, providing an E1 digital middle-aged production capacity of more than 200000 pieces; Interface of the same year. Both S100 and S300 can access E1 digital relay through ex30 expansion board

s100 can install up to 2 ex08 or ex30 expansion boards, and S300 can install up to 3

flexible port customization

port module +ex08 expansion board +ex30 expansion board = enterprise specific customization system

taking S300 as an example, the four expansion board installation methods combined with four port modules can derive dozens of port types and combinations with different port numbers. Each enterprise can customize an IP system that meets its own actual needs

dsp module

compared with the previous generation U series, the Landsea s series IPPBX has added a DSP module. One DSP module can expand 100 extensions and increase 30 channel call concurrency

s100 supports the installation of a DSP module, which can expand the extension users to 200 and increase the call concurrency to 60

s300 supports the installation of two DSP modules, which can expand the extension users to 500 at most. The correct use method of the call ring stiffness tester and the normal protection of the equipment are increased to 120 at the same time

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