Zoomlion achieved double growth by innovation and

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Zoomlion: Double growth through innovation and talents

Zoomlion: Double growth through innovation and talents

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Guide: on the morning of March 6, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, came to the Hunan delegation in the West Hall of the Great Hall of the people to review the government work report with the delegates. After listening to the report of zhanchunxin, the chairman of Zoomlion, a representative of Hunan people's Congress, who visited three years ago

On the morning of March 6, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, came to the Hunan delegation to review the government work report with the delegates. After listening to the report of zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, a representative of Hunan people's Congress, Li Keqiang, who visited Zoomlion three years ago, said he was very happy, He said: "in just over three years, Zoomlion has doubled its growth. The structural integration of multiple relevant components in the nylon oil pan is the innovation of the reform concept and operation mode, and more importantly, the strength of science and technology and talents."

Comrade Li Keqiang is very concerned about the work in Hunan and has visited Hunan many times. In march2009, during his investigation in Hunan, Li Keqiang made a special trip to Zoomlion to learn about the production and operation of the enterprise. At that time, although it was less than one year since the successful acquisition of CIFA in Italy, the company had achieved a substantial increase in operating performance, with an annual sales revenue of 24billion yuan

"more than three years have passed. In 2012, our annual sales revenue has exceeded 90billion yuan. These achievements are inseparable from innovation driven." Zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., reported the good news to Li Keqiang

Li Keqiang asked, "what is the proportion of Zoomlion construction machinery (market zone) products involving infrastructure construction? Is there any new breakthrough in the key technology of hydraulic transmission system?" Zhan Chunxin replied, "80% of our annual total product volume is used in the field of infrastructure construction. There are still some bottlenecks in key technology areas. We plan to seek the introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation of advanced technologies in overseas mergers and acquisitions."

Li Keqiang expressed satisfaction with this and pointed out: "Hunan is a big province in science and education, and there is great hope for innovation driven transformation and development."

Zoomlion was born in Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute (trading point of market stock bar). It has an inborn "technology gene" and "innovation gene". It adheres to the "industrialization of science and technology" and "industrialization of science and technology" in its development, leads and promotes the scientific and technological progress of the whole industry, gradually promotes the "fission and fusion" strategy along the direction of internationalization, and forms a number of specialized business units. Zhan Chunxin injected the technology gene of scientific research into product innovation, and refined and strengthened various products while expanding the product line

construction machinery is usually divided into 1 according to its function. The calculation of compliance mainly includes 5 items: calculating the starting value of compliance in 4 categories. Zoomlion currently produces 13 categories, 86 series and more than 800 varieties of products, making it the most complete enterprise in the construction machinery industry. As the "all-round champion" in the industry, Zoomlion's product line is even longer than that of caterpillar, the world's top enterprise in the industry

at present, Zoomlion has a new technology and product every day on average, which is expected to bring double the demand space for the vanadium industry every year. The contribution of new products to sales revenue is more than 50%. After 21 years of development, Zoomlion not only has an absolute advantage in the Chinese market, but also leads the domestic industry to compete with international giants

in addition, Zoomlion attaches great importance to seeking advanced technologies in overseas mergers and acquisitions, and carries out re innovation on the basis of introduction, digestion and absorption. Since Zoomlion acquired CIFA, the third largest concrete machinery manufacturer in Italy, in 2008, the company has made a comprehensive breakthrough in product R & D, basic research and test platform for concrete products. The acquisition of CIFA has been used to optimize the structure of concrete machinery products, which has greatly increased the proportion of long boom pump trucks. On the basis of integrating and re innovating CIFA lightweight design technology, It has successively developed a large number of world-class products that have set new Guinness records, such as 80m and 101m concrete carbon fiber boom pump trucks. Today, the pump truck products with long boom and high gross profit have occupied "half" of the market, completely breaking the monopoly of foreign brands on China's concrete machinery market

after possessing the strong technical advantages of CIFA in the field of concrete machinery, Zoomlion has successively set up R & D centers in Germany, the United States and Russia in order to attract high-end design and R & D talents in the global engineering machinery manufacturing industry. It has made leaps and bounds in the fields of pump truck boom technology and super large tonnage lifting products, and won the world's top record. Its exclusive purchase of the full set of technologies of the world's top German Jost flat head Tower series has enabled its tower crane technology to achieve a leap from China's leading to the international leading

it is reported that Zoomlion has applied for more than 2400 patents domestically and more than 200 patents internationally. It has also undertaken more than 30 national key science and technology programs such as "Research on Key Technologies of electromagnetic compatibility of electrical system of construction machinery", "Research on safety monitoring and early warning application system of crane", "Research on large mobile crane and industrialization development that needs to be supplemented" and "973, 863 and science and technology support"

at present, Zoomlion, driven by "innovation", has become the sixth leading enterprise in the global construction machinery industry. In the future, Zoomlion will shine on the international stage, which is more worthy of our expectation

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