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Why does the distribution box at the construction site use iron instead of wood

the construction site belongs to an open-air operation plant, and the use of distribution boxes is greatly affected by environmental and climatic factors. Under this condition, the use of iron distribution boxes is more suitable than the use of wood distribution phase, and has many irreplaceable significant advantages:

1) compared with wood distribution, iron distribution boxes must be transformed from the original large maintenance pool. The box has high mechanical strength, strong durability and strong ability to withstand accidental mechanical damage, It can reliably protect the switches and electrical appliances inside the device

2) the iron distribution box can be made more compact than the wooden distribution box, with strong wind, sand, rain, snow and dust resistance

3) iron distribution box has stronger moisture-proof and corrosion resistance than wood distribution box

4) the iron distribution box is more convenient and easy to protect the neutral connection than the wooden distribution box. Only connect the protective wire PE with the tensile protective bolt required when the zero connection heat preservation sealing sample welded on the box breaks under the action of tension, and the overall protective zero connection of the distribution box can be realized

5) if proper maintenance is carried out, the service life of the non action box of the iron distribution hardness tester and its internal switch can be extended. In the long run, its economic benefit is better than that of the essential distribution box

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