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Why do the ceiling lights of BRICs meeting rooms prefer plastic lampshades

From September 3 to 5, the ninth BRICs leaders' meeting was held in Xiamen. Large LED lamps on site have also become the focus of media attention. It turns out that the large LED lamps in the BRICs summit room, with diameters of 9 meters and 8 meters respectively, are the largest ceiling lamps in China. They were jointly completed by Professor wudaming of the Institute of plastic machinery and plastic engineering of Beijing University of chemical technology and Beijing Versailles Lighting Co., Ltd

this BRICs meeting has attracted extensive attention from domestic and foreign media, and it has made headlines every minute. As the rotating chair of the BRICs this year, China has held discussions with BRICs countries and other developing countries on how to jointly create the second "golden decade" of BRICs cooperation

traditional lamps like to use glass or marble as lamp shade to show the luxury of lamps. However, the ceiling lamp in the meeting room of the BRICs leaders is unconventional. It is made of transparent polypropylene and organic light diffusing agent. "Once such a huge lamp with a diameter of 9 meters is made of marble or glass, it will be difficult to install, and the safety of use is also a big problem. Using plastic as the main material of the lamp shade is a better scheme. Not only the overall weight of the lamp is 1, but also the weight can be greatly reduced by measuring the height with a long anchor chain under general conditions, but also the safety of installation and use can be relatively guaranteed." Professor wudaming said

however, if plastic is to be made into a giant lampshade, its strength must be guaranteed without deformation. The light source of the ceiling lamp is led lamp, which requires high light uniformity and transmittance. As indoor lighting in important occasions, environmental protection and flame retardance are also essential. However, many of the existing flame retardant materials are light tight. The design of the flame retardant system that meets the flame retardant index and the environmental and optical requirements is subject to a variety of constraints and is extremely difficult. At the same time, as an important international conference application, it also has high requirements for the color rendering index of indoor lighting. Researchers 1 of the lighting color rendering index in the BRICs leaders' meeting room began to magnetize these ceramic fibers by applying a slight amount of iron oxide, which is required to reach more than 90%, much higher than the 80% requirement of ordinary indoor lighting, ”

"these are the problems we need to solve when designing the formula of lampshade materials. Finally, we used micro nano silicone light diffuser, halogen-free flame retardant, impact modifier, light aging agent, antioxidant and optical grade transparent polypropylene resin for review, which realized high light transmittance and high haze of lampshade materials and met the mechanical and halogen-free flame retardant requirements." Professor wudaming said

this polypropylene based composite material has very good toughness. Through reasonable structural design and processing technology, the lamp can fully meet the safety, applicability and 30-year service life requirements under the conditions of large span, large temperature difference and broad-spectrum illumination

professor wudaming said that it took only more than two months from receiving the task of material formulation design to the final production and installation of lamps. "Time is tight, the task is heavy, and there are many difficulties, but we still overcome them one by one, and carry out safety simulation calculation according to the lamp structure, material performance and use conditions to ensure that the safety factor is high enough."

it is reported that the whole lampshade is finally made of "large plastic products rotational molding technology". The lamp mould and products are designed and manufactured by Wenling Xuri rotational Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. Since the lampshade has a diameter of 9 meters, it can only be manufactured separately and welded on site. The special welding rod and welding process have been developed, and the perfect unity of lamp intensity, optical index and visual effect has been finally realized

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