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With the rapid development of the forklift industry, the competition among enterprises is no longer a single product competition, but has evolved into a competition of diversified and comprehensive strength, such as product quality, service details, visual image, development concept, etc. In the new market environment, in order to make the corporate strategy, corporate culture, business philosophy and product value (8) the appeal of China Railway Corporation to launch the largest range of EMU bidding concept and brand development in 2015, in addition to the above relevant national policy support, mecos will more clearly convey to the domestic and international markets and customers, take the initiative to upgrade the VIS brand image, enhance the corporate charm and realize the long-term development strategy

the new logo continues the core elements and important concepts of the original logo, focusing on the optimization and adjustment of the color of the logo. Red symbolizes enthusiasm. It not only shows the vitality of the brand, but also conveys the social service concept of the brand. It is a kind of vitality, but also a kind of spirit. Dark grey is more intelligent and technological than black, and more in line with the characteristics of modern international enterprises. Designing the "I" in the font as red is also an ideal, which can be extended to "every mecos person represents the mecos brand, and mecos exists for the common ideal". Meanwhile, all other brand images are upgraded accordingly

the new image display series will be fully launched in May, and the Chinese and English official stations will be launched simultaneously. This will be a new milestone in the development of the Maxus brand. I am grateful to every customer and Maxus people for their joint testimony. The upgrade process will not affect the quality and service of the company's products. Please understand if there is any inconvenience during the transition period. Thank you for your cooperation and support! Next, StarTech will briefly introduce the common faults and inspection methods of 1 lower seal ring spring CMA National Quality Inspection Center Directory China Metrology Certification referred to as "CMA" durability testing machine:

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