Zhihuoxu electrochemical in Hanjian resin additive

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Asahi electrochemical Co., Ltd. in Hanjian resin additives Co., Ltd.

Asahi electrochemical Co., Ltd. of Japan has obtained the operation right of adekacorp, the resin additive manufacturer of the east group of Korea - the experimental Department of East shear, etc., so as to become the first manufacturer of resin additives in Korea and carry out diversified product production. East adeka company (South Korea) is a manufacturer of resin additives established in 1991. It has a manufacturing base in Quanzhou. Its annual sales of phenol series universal exhaust air additives in oil cylinders have reached 15billion won. Asahi electrochemical industry of Japan recently started to build Asahi fine chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China. As a result, the global market for resin addition requires more high-quality product agents, and its bases have been all over East Asia

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