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Kehua biology has successfully developed a fully automatic biochemical analyzer

for ten years. Through persistent hard work, the private technology listed enterprise in Caohejing Development Zone - Shanghai Kehua experimental system company affiliated to Shanghai Kehua Bioengineering Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a zy-1200 fully automatic biochemical analyzer with completely independent intellectual property rights and synchronized with the world's cutting-edge technologies, At present, it has obtained the medical device registration certificate issued by the Municipal Food and drug administration

over the years, China's high-end biochemical pet food analyzer market has been monopolized by foreign brands. However, Kehua bio has independently developed and successfully applied for four patents, which not only broke the foreign monopoly, but also improved the product series of Kehua, which is a milestone in promoting the development of large-scale biochemical analyzers in China

The zy-1200 automatic biochemical analyzer uses the photoelectric colorimetric principle to measure some specific chemical components in human body fluid, and adopts the automatic working mode of automatic sampling, automatic detection, automatic data analysis and automatic issuance of patient comprehensive report, so as to provide various biochemical index basis for clinical diagnosis. The instrument has a high starting point and involves biomedical engineering, medical electronics, optics, precision machinery, electricity, flow path, computer software and other disciplines. It can meet the personalized needs of hospitals, blood stations, physical examination and scientific research institutions. It has the characteristics of rapid detection, high precision, strong analysis function, super large capacity, personalized operation, extremely low pollution rate, and less water consumption for 3 sampling rules. It has well solved the problems of photometric dynamic measurement technology The design and manufacture of precision machinery is a comprehensive technical problem in many fields, such as motion positioning control, high-precision constant temperature control, high-precision sampling control, multi-level computer control based on Fieldbus and so on

over the past five years, Kehua has successively invested a huge R & D team and tens of millions of yuan in R & D funds. Starting from product demand and R & D methods, it is the largest functional membrane material research, production and production base in Zhejiang Province. It has deeply studied the latest technologies and development trends in the field of biochemical instruments, continuously achieved technological breakthroughs on the basis of mastering core technologies, and completed flexible fully automatic work sequence Intelligent motion control system and international leading detection mode

Kehua biology, founded in 1981, is the largest manufacturer of medical diagnostic supplies in China. After years of hard work, Kehua biology has developed into a leading enterprise in China's in vitro clinical diagnosis industry. As the first professional diagnostic supplies company listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China, Kehua bio integrates product R & D, production and sales, has a complete industrial chain in the field of medical diagnosis, and its business covers three major fields: in vitro diagnostic reagents, medical testing instruments and vacuum blood collection system. At present, 59 of the company's reagents and instruments have passed the EU CE certification, and the domestic market share of its main products ranks first. At the same time, Kehua biology has actively expanded the international market, and its brand products have been exported to 22 countries and regions. Among them, AIDS diagnostic reagents have been listed in the procurement list of World Health Organization, UNICEF, the U.S. president's foundation and other international well-known institutions, and a long-term supply contract has been signed with the U.S. Clinton Foundation

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