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Who will break the ice for the packaging box industry market?

"a small packaging box has a large market." At present, during the market interview, many market operators told that the daily demand for packaging boxes in Yiwu market reached hundreds of millions, but most of the current packaging boxes came from Guangdong and Anhui, except a small part of Yiwu local production. In the face of such a huge consumer market to ensure good contact between the broken sample and the contact block, who will carry the "ice breaking" banner of the industry? To cultivate Yiwu packaging box industry cluster and further enhance the competitiveness of Yiwu small commodities. In the interview, I learned that in recent years, with the rapid development of Yiwu's small commodity economy, especially the increasingly developed industries such as handicrafts, the requirements for product appearance and packaging quality have been continuously improved, and the demand for packaging boxes has also increased. According to incomplete statistics, only 4 × There are 800000 crystal packing boxes of 4 specifications every day, and countless packing boxes of other specifications; Similarly, Yiwu, as the "doorstep" market of Pujiang River, also has a market demand of more than hundreds of millions every day

however, the reality is that there is no more advanced packaging box industry cluster in Yiwu and its surrounding areas. At present, most of them are still at the manual or semi-automatic level. At present, the market demand mainly depends on the packaging boxes provided by enterprises in Guangdong and Anhui, which account for 70% of the consumption market of Pujiang, Yiwu and Dongyang packaging boxes

in view of the huge demand of the packaging box consumer market, it is feasible to form a supporting industry around the market advantages of Yiwu, and it is expected to cultivate into a sunrise industry

it is understood that an enterprise producing paper packaging boxes in Yiwu has taken the lead and invested 1.5 million yuan to buy an imported carton machine. Engineering plastics are increasingly replacing traditional materials in some fields, with a production capacity of 2400 pieces per hour. Relevant people believe that such enterprises should be cultivated and encouraged to equip the existing semi-automatic carton machines with local and surrounding small enterprises to form a high, medium and low-level packaging box industry cluster. The final pattern is characterized by large cooperation of small enterprises, large accumulation of small capital and large market of small products, forming the fourth largest agglomeration effect, symbiosis effect, synergy effect, location effect and structure effect. We can fully consider the connection between Yiwu market and the surrounding small commodity production bases, break the administrative regional boundaries in the process of industrial cluster cultivation, and let the surrounding areas always maintain the sensitivity and adaptability to Yiwu market

it is learned that in March this year, Jinhua Municipal government issued several opinions on cultivating industrial clusters and improving the competitiveness of industrial economy, and vigorously supported small and medium-sized enterprises to form regional industrial clusters in terms of policies. This is mainly reflected in the fact that the government will further increase the key support for advantageous industrial enterprises. This severe test is like washing sand in the waves, giving greater support in land, real estate, finance and other aspects. These include increasing support for commodity trading markets such as Yiwu China Commodity City and Yongkang China Science and Technology Hardware City, further improving the market's ability to drive the development of industrial clusters, and supporting the prosperity of commodity trading markets with strong industrial clusters, so as to achieve mutual support and common development between clusters and commodity trading markets

the government has issued supportive policies, which can be said to play a highly guiding and supportive role in the establishment and development of industrial clusters such as packaging boxes. Relevant departments and enterprises should fully seize the opportunity and actively embark on the "ice breaking" journey

to develop packaging box industry cluster, we should take the road of technological innovation, so as to improve the core competitiveness of cluster enterprises. In this regard, local governments have also issued corresponding policies to encourage enterprises to strengthen technological transformation. For example, for key technological transformation projects listed above the municipal level, 4% of the actually completed equipment investment will be subsidized; Subsidies of 5% of the actually completed investment will be given to the projects of key supporting advantageous industrial enterprises at the prefecture and municipal level, high-tech enterprises at or above the municipal level, leading agricultural enterprises, self-supporting export production enterprises with an annual export volume of more than 8million US dollars and urban characteristic industries

source: Yiwu economy

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