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Zhejiang electric power fittings factory

China · permanent electric power fittings Co., Ltd.

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Abstract: in line with the previous B2 level requirements, permanent electric power fittings Co., Ltd. has raised one level to contribute to the prosperity and development of China's electric power industry. It is one of the manufacturers specializing in manufacturing electric power fittings and cable accessories in China. The company established the dust and sundries clearing machine on time department in 1990, with a production history of more than 10 years. The company is located in Liushi, the capital of electrical appliances in China, with a construction area of more than 10000 square meters, a total asset of 35million yuan, and more than 100 sets of main production supporting equipment. In 2014, the urbanization process, smart power construction and distributed energy construction brought development opportunities to the cable industry; Technical status and utilization of UHV special cable materials; Market status and development trend of medium and high voltage crosslinked cable materials; The research team creatively utilized the significant difference in carbonization temperature between MOF materials and glucose molecules, and the current market situation and development trend of plastic elastomer cable materials; Introduction of new rubber and plastic formula for electric wire and cable; Current market situation and development trend of automotive cable materials; Technology status and utilization of peroxide crosslinked polyethylene cable material; Innovative utilization of nano inorganic materials and technologies in the field of cable materials; Utilization of plastic modification technology in wire and cable materials; The utilization of recycled materials in rubber and plastic cables, etc. is equipped with test and inspection equipment for main products. There are nearly 300 employees, including 32 senior and middle-level professional technicians and managers. The main products include overhead insulation fittings, cable fittings, substation fittings, line fittings, power station fittings and cold and heat shrinkable cables. Contact: zhujianping contact:

contact address: Jiaxi Industrial Zone, Liushi, Yueqing City

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