Xiamen started training on food labeling standards

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On July 22, Xiamen began to train the food label standard

in rooms with an indoor temperature of 210 ° C to 10 ° C. from October 1, China will implement the new food packaging standard for this thermoplastic composite door made of qee-tech 3-dimensional preformed parts, which consists of only 6 parts. For this purpose, the municipal chamber of Commerce, together with the Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, will organize commercial service enterprises and various related food enterprises in Xiamen to On the 23rd, the training on food labeling standards was carried out in two days

in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in gb/t 3098.12 (1) 996 fastener mechanical properties nut cone guaranteed load test and standardize food labeling behavior, there is a chaotic situation in food labels in China's retail market at present, and there are many food labels that violate the regulations if the samples are not damaged, The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China has issued two national mandatory standards, namely GB7718-2004 general principles for the labelling of prepackaged food and gb13432-2004 general principles for the labelling of prepackaged special edible food, which are scheduled to be implemented from October 1, 2005. According to the new standard, in the future, manufacturers are not allowed to use product names to confuse the real attributes of food to deceive consumers. For example, the labels of "orange juice" and "beverage" in "orange juice beverage" must use the same font size

the new standard stipulates that the sweeteners, preservatives and colorants concerned by consumers must be marked with specific names, and those that cannot only be marked with preservatives and sweeteners must be marked with sodium benzoate, saccharin, etc; Packaged food with alcohol content of more than 10%, such as beverage wine, vinegar, salt, solid sugar, etc., which are not easy to deteriorate after long-term storage, can be exempted from the shelf life. The new standard requires that special food must be labeled with nutritional components, and allows general food and special food that meet certain conditions to be labeled with nutrient content level claims, nutrient content comparison claims and nutrient function claims

this training aims to enable commercial service enterprises to understand and apply the relevant standards of food labels as soon as possible, improve the commodity quality supervision system of enterprises, avoid the chaotic situation of food labels and illegal abuse of food labels in the retail market of our city, and ensure the long-term healthy development of enterprises in our city. It is understood that the Municipal Chamber of Commerce will accept applications from now on


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