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Chint Instruments Co., Ltd. passed the confirmation of AAA level "good behavior in enterprise standardization"

on October 16, yangyonghua, a senior auditor of the expert group of Zhejiang Standardization Association, and a group of three people conducted on-site audit and confirmation on Chint Instruments Co., Ltd. for AAA level good behavior in standardization. After strict review, the expert group agreed that the company has fully met the requirements of AA to see whether it is a normal class a standardized good behavior enterprise

the expert group believes that the top management recognizes that standardization is the basis for the scientific and standardized production and operation management of enterprises, and plays a very important role in the product R & D, production, operation and management of enterprises. The company has set up a standardization committee with the general manager as the director, under which there are three standardization sub committees: technology, management and work. Each department has identified full-time and part-time standardization personnel, providing an organizational guarantee for the establishment and operation of the enterprise's standard system; An enterprise standard system has been established with technical standards as the main body and management standards and working standard systems as the supporting ones, laying a foundation for the standardized, scientific and orderly management of the development, production and operation of electric energy meters, electric measuring instruments, gas meters, centralized meter reading systems, eye protectors and other products; Actively participated in the formulation and revision of national standards, made great efforts to expand the market, paid attention to product quality and brand building, and achieved outstanding performance

the silver coating covering most of the fuselage is also made of raw materials of Bayer materials technology. The relevant leaders and part-time standardization personnel of the company took it seriously and participated in the confirmation process, creating conditions for the continuous improvement and improvement of the enterprise standard system in the future and further developing the good behavior activities of enterprise standardization. Finally, after audit, 1. The thermoplastics are expanded after heating. The members of the appearance confirmation group unanimously believe that Zhejiang Chint instruments and meters Co., Ltd. meets the requirements of AAA class standardized enterprises with good behavior

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