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Xi'an Zhaoying Technology Co., Ltd. successfully held the embedded technology seminar

in order to better serve the users in the northwest, Zhaoying Technology Co., Ltd. specially set up a branch in Xi'an, and held the embedded technology seminar in the academic lecture hall of entrepreneurship square in the high tech Zone where Xi'an company is located on December 20, 2006. There were more than 30 participating units and relevant media, including teachers of embedded system development from major universities in Xi'an and representatives of high-tech enterprises. They actively discussed relevant issues at the meeting, which made the atmosphere of the meeting very warm

Mr. Qiu, senior engineer of Xi'an Zhaoying Technology Co., Ltd., will explain this embedded technology seminar. First of all, he introduced Zhaoying company, which is a technology-based, production-oriented and R & D-oriented enterprise. The company has always pursued the business philosophy of providing users with first-class quality and putting users' interests first. At present, the company has branches in many cities around the world and production bases in Shenzhen and Taipei, China. In order to serve users faster and better, the company now has branches in Xi'an. At the meeting, Mr. Qiu also made an important presentation on the next generation of voltex86sxsoc (embedded processor). This new processor developed by Zhaoying technology has unique fault tolerance technology. At the same time, this processor not only combines the advantages of previous processors, but also adds many new features. This new processor has new highlights for users and more than 40 agents who have completed and put into operation more than 40 ultra-fine heavy calcium dry and wet production lines and modified composite production lines imported from Germany and France

highlight 1: SOC processors, such as amdgx1 and STPC, which have always supported low-level and medium-level single board computers, have announced that they have stopped production. This CPU is launched at this time, which is a good time to solve the problem of keeping the embedded low-level computers clean (cleaning after each experiment); The supply of CPU has seized the market opportunity

highlight 2: leading in technology, SOC – voltex86sx adopts x rebar tensile testing machine, high-precision lead screw host 86 compatible computing core and single 581pin BGA packaging. In the 0.13micron process, the size is only 27x27mm. In terms of operation speed, the standard can reach 300MHz and can support up to 400MHz. It has built-in 4 USB2.0, 5 rs232ports, 1 parallelport, 24 bitgpio, 1 10/100lan, RTC, bioschip, etc. it also supports external specifications such as SPI, PWM, PCI, ISA, SDRAM and DDR2. The entire CPU only needs 1W of power consumption, and the power on post is less than 3 seconds. In terms of operating temperature, it can support the military requirements of wide temperature from -40 ℃ to +85 ℃

highlight 3: unique technology. Based on 18 years of experience in the embedded industry, dmpgroup has built in the latest design concepts in the industry for this new processor, namely, fault tolerance (redundancy step 2: check the amplifier unit of the material tensile testing machine), MTBF counting line, JTAG error detection line, isoinchip and RoHS conforming to the green regulations of the European Union

on the site of the seminar, the delegates listened carefully to the latest trends in embedded technology and discussed relevant technical issues with Mr. Qiu, a senior engineer, which pushed the atmosphere of the conference to another climax. After the seminar, the participants were warmly invited to visit Zhaoying Technology Co., Ltd. and they got to know each other in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Some representatives also communicated with Taipei engineers through the global video conference system on the technical problems he is currently facing, and received satisfactory answers. Through this on-site visit, the representatives had an in-depth understanding of the products and technical support capabilities of Zhaoying technology company. In the future, Zhaoying technology company will provide more such communication and exchange platforms for the vast number of users. The next Xi'an Zhaoying technology seminar will be held at the end of January 2007

in line with the idea of better serving customers, Xi'an Zhaoying Technology Co., Ltd. has established a global software R & D center with the help of Xi'an's good talent environment to provide more convenient technical support for the majority of users and a superior development platform for many people of insight. Zhaoying Technology Co., Ltd. is willing to work with the majority of users to create a better future

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