Why France prefers nuclear power

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Why does France prefer nuclear power

on May 5, 2012, more than a year after the Fukushima nuclear accident, Japan's Hokkaido power company shut down the last operating nuclear power unit in Japan, which means that all 50 nuclear power plant units in Japan will be shut down

on may30,2011, affected by the Fukushima nuclear power plant leakage accident in Japan, the German Environment Minister announced that Germany would close all domestic nuclear power plants by 2022. Germany will become the first major industrial country to stop using nuclear energy

then the basic situation of French nuclear power

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French nuclear power

in 2016, the total installed capacity of power generation in France was 129.34gw, including 63.13gw (48.9%) for nuclear power, 25.43gw (19.8%) for hydropower and 10% for natural gas, which were filled with wood flour or plant fiber 91gw (8.4%), wind power 10.32gw (7.8%), photovoltaic 6.20gw (4.8%), fuel oil 8.65gw (6.7%), coal power 3.00gw (2.3%), biomass power 1.70gw (1.3%). Nuclear power accounts for 70% of the electricity supply in France

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glaflin nuclear power plant in France

look at the data of China's nuclear power

on January 24, 2017, the 2016 China nuclear power operation report released by the China Nuclear Energy Association showed that as of December 31, 2016, China had put 35 nuclear power units into commercial operation, with an operating installed capacity of 33632.16mwe, accounting for about 2.04% of the national power installed capacity (compared with 48.9% in France)

in 2016, China's cumulative nuclear power generation was 210.519 billion kwh, accounting for about 3.56% of the country's cumulative power generation (compared with 70% in France), an increase of 25.07% over the same period in 2015

Guangdong Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station

compared with almost all other western countries, France has made nuclear power the core of its power industry and is closer to the original vision of "making atomic energy benefit millions of people" than any other country

why do the French like nuclear power

France is currently the most popular country in the world for nuclear power. After the Fukushima accident, 55% of the people still support the use of nuclear energy

the French nation is a nation that advocates independence and freedom. They cannot accept the fact that their own energy (oil and coal) depends on other countries

the attitude of the French public towards nuclear power is not only tolerated, but also liked and appreciated

in addition, the French people trust their scientists, and nuclear power is indeed very cheap

for example, we all like hybrid rice, not only because it benefits the country and the people, but also because yuanlongping, the father of hybrid rice, stands behind hybrid rice

why did Germany abandon its nuclear program

the Fukushima nuclear accident is only a fuse for Germany to abandon nuclear power. It really promotes Germany's energy policy of abandoning nuclear power - the development of renewable energy technology. Another reason is that after the withdrawal of German nuclear power plants, the power energy gap can be supplemented by French nuclear power

the picture shows the nuclear power plant in biblis, Germany, one of the seven nuclear power plants that Germany plans to shut down.

for China, nuclear energy, as a kind of energy with low unit price, stable power generation and almost no maicafee research project, has also been promoted by the two project partners Augsburg University and BMW Group, which can greatly fill the gap after China cuts thermal power

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