Why can Xinsong occupy the C position in China's r

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Why can Xinsong occupy the "C" position in China's robot industry


robots born in science fiction

make people full of fantasy

metal shell

flexible rotating arm

high-speed brain

rich imagination gives people sufficient creative space

hundreds of robots are busy working in a modern chemical plant in the suburbs of northeastern cities of China

they can not only complete basic manufacturing work

still profitable Another "robot" is produced with complex algorithms

this place is like a science fiction film studio

it is the largest robot production base in China

these robots also have a common name


as the largest robot industrialization base in China

the robot enterprise with the most complete product line in the world

Xinsong's achievements are numerous

it firmly occupies the leading position in China's robot industry "C"

why can Xinsong

"C" is backed by six English letters

c e n t e r


they may give the answer


in 1962, the first industrial robot was born in the United States

at the same time, a scholar named jiangxinsong in China on the other side of the ocean

keenly captured the robot research information

academician jiangxinsong (data photo). (Figure provided by Shenyang Automation Institute)

he realized that

the future, Application of robots

will be a symbol of national strength and scientific and technological level

"China should also have its own robots"

in 1977,

Jiang Xinsong brought the idea of developing robots and artificial intelligence to the natural science planning conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

with the unremitting efforts of him and a group of scientists,

robots and artificial intelligence

were listed in the natural science development plan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences from 1978 to 1985.

the development of China's robot industry has opened the prelude to "developing high technology and realizing industrialization" in the country In April, 2000, qudaokui, who was then the director of the robot research and Development Department of Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, resolutely led the team to "go overseas" for entrepreneurship and initiated the establishment of Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. qudaokui, President of Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., was interviewed on March 29. Photo by Yang Qing of Xinhua News Agency

China's robot field

from then on, there has been a resounding name

Xinsong robot

innovation toughness, For example, songzhijin

Xinsong, which was born with both technology and market

has opened a new path for the development of robots

the rise of robots in China

also began

in 2007, Xinsong won the bid in the global procurement of general motors of the United States

rewriting the history that Chinese robots are only imported but not exported

on October 30, 2009, Xinsong company landed on the gem, The first robot stock was officially born


Xinsong has developed into a robot listed enterprise with the most complete brand product lines of several holding subsidiaries

this is the answer to "C"





Xinsong has taken a solid step


after decades of gestation


China has become the world's largest consumer market for industrial robots

at the same time, robot manufacturing enterprises are also scrambling for land


has become a key link

behind the brilliant achievements of Xinsong robot

is a solid talent team

when we see different countries Engineers of different skin colors

when eating in the staff canteen

Qu Daokui said that it was the thing he was most proud of

"they all came to Xinsong to exchange and study"

in Qu Daokui's memory

in the past, they went abroad to exchange and study

they all ate in the canteen with plates

at that time, he expected that when foreigners would come to China to learn robots

"that day, it means that China has truly become a big robot country"

in order to strengthen the construction of innovative talent team

strengthen the training and introduction of high-level talent team

Xinsong has set its sights on the international and domestic stages

internationally, it has set up international branches such as German R & D center and Mexican Service Center

in China, it has set up national, public, enterprise BG level Four level R & D platform

resource sharing, complementary advantages and coordinated development among innovation levels

has become a gathering place for high-level talents

at the same time,

Xinsong has established a good mechanism of industry university research cooperation

with many well-known domestic scientific research institutions Institutions of higher learning form a partnership

jointly establish a robotics college with Northeast University to cultivate high-end R & D talents

acquire the German tautlov vocational education college to cultivate professional talents

today, Xinsong has more than 4000 R & D personnel

accounting for more than 75% of the total number

this is the answer to "e"

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Xinsong condenses the hard-working power



General Motors, a company with a history of one hundred years, conducted public procurement all over the world

the strong competitor wins the bid

Xinsong mobile robot (AGV) products at one stroke

since then, Xinsong robot automation equipment

has been exported to the United States, France, Canada More than 30 countries such as Russia have ended the history that Chinese robots are imported but not exported. This is a milestone leap. The successful implementation of the internationalization strategy has been confirmed in Xinsong. The application of industrial robots has expanded to Europe and North America. Service robots have been exported to Malaysia, Singapore Abu Dhabi

reloaded to participate in the largest robot and Automation Exhibition in North America

the group's first representative office in Germany was officially listed


Xinsong people have been used to bringing new reform dividends to enterprises and the public. They represent China's wisdom on various occasions to appear in the world

, Good luck

over the years,

has benefited from technology and services

Xinsong has been singing along the way in the development of the robot market

with continuous technological innovation and R & D, it has broken foreign monopolies for many times


this smart card of China

has injected infinite power and vitality into the development of China's robot industry

has written a brilliant development of China's robot industry

this is "n" Answer to





Xinsong stands up as the backbone of China


the express you just received

may be sorted by the Xinsong logistics robot

the car you drive to work

may be produced by the Xinsong intelligent robot

even the chip in you

may also be the masterpiece of the Xinsong vacuum robot

Xinsong covers our life

is the original driving force for its development


at the beginning of its establishment

has been in the world industry four families of robots Under the monopoly of the four small families,

Xinsong is like a toddler.

the first task is to stand firm.

the greater the resistance to its sliding, the more it locks in market demand.

key technology for tackling key problems.

Qu Daokui has given Xinsong a dead order.

"independent property rights, independent research and development"

, Yuruyucheng

at the early stage of its establishment, the company fully realized independent research and development in core technology

and achieved a leap forward in synchronous development with foreign advanced technology

only leading but not following, Only create a new stage of development that does not imitate

Xinsong shifts gears and speeds up under the drive of innovation

rely on the powerful independent innovation gene

and walk steadily at the forefront of the development of robot technology

October 1, 2019

in the mass parade of activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China

Xinsong once again showed its "secret weapon"

in "rejuvenating its power" On the Liaoning floats, Xinsong robot and two children play "I and my motherland" hand in hand

4. In a clean environment without corrosive media and electromagnetic interference; Double arm cooperation, light fingertips, affectionate performance

seamless "six hand play"

let a Chinese praise resound through the clouds

the protagonist of this performance is Xinsong dscr3 dual arm cooperative robot

it is a product developed to meet the needs of the new manufacturing mode in the industrial 4.0 era

it integrates technologies such as binocular visual recognition and manual drag teaching

it is a perfect fusion of robot and artificial intelligence

the cooperative robot will be used in medical Pension and other fields play an important role

affect everyone's life in a broader dimension

Xinsong robot has created more than 100 industry firsts

has not stopped

seized the opportunity of a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial change

Xinsong is actively focusing on core technology

creating the future of the robot industry

this is "t" The answer to





Xinsong ignited the dawn of intelligent manufacturing


February 25, 2018

Pyeongchang, South Korea

24 Xinsong mobile robots

made a perfect appearance at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games with an unprecedented lineup in the world

only 90 seconds of field change preparation time

brought a dream dance full of a sense of the future to the world

Qu Daokui said that

Xinsong signed the contract from the moment he received the task.Honor life and death

"To represent China, you can only succeed, not fail."

the "Beijing eight minutes" performance at the closing ceremony of the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games. Photo by Ligang of Xinhua News Agency

the success of "Beijing eight minutes"

has made the concepts of robot and artificial intelligence appear substantively in front of every ordinary person

and also let the world see the new height of "Chinese wisdom"

national mission, Xinsong is still young in its role as a young Xinsong

but when the country needs it most,

Xinsong people dare to use their swords

undertake the important task of the country

speak for China's industry

as a leader in China's robot industry

and industry 4.0, Xinsong has successfully developed an industrial robot and collaborative robot with completely independent intellectual property rights


mobile robot Special robots and service robots

five series of 100 products

for intelligent factories, intelligent equipment

intelligent logistics, semiconductor equipment Intelligent transportation

forms ten industrial directions

is committed to creating a new model of digital IOT


Xinsong's products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions

provides industrial upgrading services for more than 3000 international enterprises around the world

this is the answer to "e"

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Xinsong boosts up the self-confidence of the nation


in the history of the development of China's robot industry

the scientific and technological intellectuals represented by Jiang Xinsong, Wang Tianran and Qu Daokui

are not afraid of difficulties and challenges

are devoted to the robot industry

and strive for it all their lives


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