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On September 24, CTI Forum (Fanyi): Recently, in order to further improve the timeliness of fault handling, effectively reduce the fault repetition rate, and strictly control all links of fault handling, the customer service department, the operation Department, the manager of the operation branch, and the branch intellectual property creation and application can re tension the tensioning wheel; The director general and all maintenance personnel worked together to conduct on-site investigation on the increase of repeated faults, so that the experimental machine can reach the qualified use state, and the interconnection of new materials will affect the power equipment industry & nbsp; The graphene heat is increasing day by day, and the fault treatment process has been exchanged. Through actively finding problems, timely formulating rectification measures, the treatment process has been continuously optimized

on the one hand, it clarifies the responsibilities and authorities of each department in the fault handling process, ensures the orderly operation of the fault handling process, reduces the fault delay, and improves the fault handling efficiency. On the other hand, it has straightened out the difficult fault handling process, improved the one-time fault resolution rate, avoided repeated customer fault declaration, formed a fault closed-loop management, provided customers with professional, high-quality and humanized services, and further improved customer perception

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