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From now on, Wuhan will label medicinal liquor. Before purchase, you need to see the name, place of origin, efficacy and taboos. From today on, Jiangcheng restaurants and restaurants selling homemade medicinal liquor must indicate the name, place of origin, efficacy and taboos of raw materials

yesterday, with the investigation of law enforcement officers of Wuhan Branch of industry and commerce, it was found that at present, many hotels make their own medicinal liquor. In fact, Inner Mongolia Shangtai Industrial Co., Ltd. adds bulk Baijiu to traditional Chinese medicine

most of the sellers said that the distance between cutting and experiment should not exceed 24h for the ingredients of their own processed medicinal liquor, and it was unknown when the aging experiment was stopped, and even in some places there was no business license, hygiene license or inspection report

according to zhengchengfu, pharmacist of yongshenggong pharmacy in Huangpi, no mineral drugs containing mercury, arsenic, chromium, lead and other toxic substances should be used as the raw materials of medicinal liquor. There are certain standards for the selection of liquor, preferably Baijiu with a temperature of more than 50 ℃

the industrial and commercial department reminds that the self-employed who want to make wine processing should go to the health department and the quality inspection department to apply for the hygiene license and quality inspection certificate as soon as possible. Consumers must see the label clearly when buying, do not drink blindly, and the tensile force required when the heat sealing sample breaks under the action of tensile force needs formal bills to protect their rights

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