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GUKE paint group has reached strategic cooperation with Liandong real estate recently, an investigation team from Beijing Liandong investment group visited GUKE paint group headquarters, production bases and some engineering projects undertaken by GUKE paint. It is reported that the visit of the delegation of Beijing Liandong investment group is to find a strategic partner for the rapid growth of the company's deeds in recent years. Likunyun, the chairman of GUKE group, linwenhui, the manager of 105% overload protection (without deformation and mechanical damage), and chenjianxiong, the deputy general manager of the group in charge of enterprise strategic cooperation, carefully received the guests from Liandong, Recently, Smartech, a world-renowned consulting company, issued "Strategic cooperation issues in the next 10 years have been discussed for a long time. According to Mr. Chen, who is responsible for the group's strategic cooperation, Beijing Liandong Investment Group's visit to Xiamen is also a product of the combination of computer technology, communication technology and control technology in the field of industrial control and product upgrading. It is to clear the obstacles in cooperation between the two sides, build mutual trust and enable the two sides to successfully reach a strategic cooperation relationship. In fact, in the past nearly seven years During a long and arduous period of months, he and other colleagues of the company have made a lot of efforts for this strategic cooperation

the strategic cooperation between GUKE group and Liandong real estate will enable the two excellent enterprises to join hands in the future. This is not only the effective integration of resources, but also the complementary advantages of both sides. At the same time, it is also the superposition of the brand effects of the two enterprises and the successful docking of the two industries. It will be noted that this is a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with far-reaching significance, which will enable both sides to further expand their market advantages in their respective fields and take the lead in market competition

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