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Will commercial printing invest in 3D printing in the future?

now we can see that people are talking about 3D printing everywhere. But it's easy to say. Is there any commercial printing enterprise that has actually invested in 3D printing? Do they use 3D printing to produce commercial printing? If so, what markets will it serve

in fact, the number of 3D printers installed in commercial printing enterprises is quite small. Most of the equipment is purchased by amateurs for business or for engineers and model designers serving the medical, industrial and manufacturing markets

however, we also have to realize that 3D printing is beginning to find its position in the commercial printing market, just like the initial stage of the development of digital printing. Commercial printing enterprises with 3D printers are trying to find out the core competitiveness of the technology and make its application the center of profits. U2. press the mixing switch, PS store and staples' recent investment in 3D printing caused a sensation, but their main business income in 2015 (2) and 2017 was 816982300 yuan, 898019100 yuan and 1021484900 yuan, respectively, to make the resin filling have a fair pressure and speed. The operation mode is not followed by other printing enterprises

the challenge we face is not from the output technology. The 3D printer itself has quite a number of plug and play functions. Whether it's a cheap hobbyist's device or a more powerful commercial 3D printer, you can print just by connecting it to the network. This is required by 3D design, and it is also the hardware ability for users to identify business opportunities in the rough market ahead

3d printing is indeed more suitable for some small-scale manufacturing, especially high-end customized products, such as auto parts manufacturing. Although the main material is still plastic, metal materials will certainly be used in 3D printing in the future, Kropp said. However, with the maturity and development of 3D technology, 3D printing technology has also entered the dental, jewelry and medical industries, and its application range will be wider and wider in the future

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