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Who will benefit from the golden age of mobile Internet in Asia

there are now 1.1 billion mobile users in the world who are surfing. In the next five years, this number will soar to 1.7 billion. If you look at the mobile Internet, the traffic in the Asia Pacific will account for 40% of the world by 2015. On the morning of December 10, the Asian interconnection conference was held in Chengmai. Regina, a guest from Singapore, used the common polymer materials. The elongation at break is mostly between 50% and 100%. This group of figures shows that the golden age of Asian mobile interconnection has come

so who will benefit from this golden age? The views of the participants were different

mobile Internet is a huge opportunity

ceoyat Siu, a digital game service provider in Hong Kong, said that at present, the scope of mobile Internet is very large. Whether it is a notebook or a mobile Internet, it is a part of mobile Internet. No matter what you do, you are doing mobile Internet. This is a huge opportunity, which is a powerful territory for Internet practitioners

when talking about how to take advantage of this opportunity, Stephen forte, Chief Strategic Officer of US venture capital institutions, said that this is an era of innovation. Asian markets are very differentiated and diverse, such as India and China, and some economies are very small, such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. These small innovative companies should first aim at their own local market, local culture, make use of local comparative advantages to become bigger, and then aim at globalization

e-wallet payment is growing very fast

when we talk about e-commerce, we always talk about e-payment, which has different classifications. We also often talk about e-wallet, which can be used for payment. In our opinion, these fields will grow very fast. Li shaolun, from HTC, said that in the field of e-commerce, we have many facilities and equipment in use, but we all talk about interconnection. In addition, we talk about rod. IOT can become an interconnected payment, such as electronic tools, such as ort (management software name, editor's note). Through this interconnection. In the next five years, IOT will play a leading role, and mobile applications in IOT will be greatly promoted, so it really needs to call for the emergence of more tools, including online payment and micro payment

especially in the field of FMCG packaging

in the innovative application of mobile Internet, Wang Jialiang, CEO of touch treasure technology, said that he was in Hangzhou a week ago and wanted to go to the railway station, but he couldn't get a taxi. A passer-by told him to find a mobile app (Intelligent third-party application, editor's note). This app allows you to find taxi drivers nearby: so I used an app, Soon contacted a taxi driver. The next application cost this account, which is a loss of RMB 10 yuan, but it solved my time problem and got a taxi. He believes that this is a case of mobile changing life, so he reminds peers to think about how mobile Internet can make people's lives more convenient and create benefits for their own enterprises

language is a huge obstacle for Chinese companies

they are all concerned about global achievements. First, they want to be successful in the west, but the first thing to be successful is to solve the language factor. Zhaoyijiang, vice president of Limei advertising, reminded that language is a huge obstacle for Chinese companies to go global. For Chinese companies, as long as you make your own efforts, the market will reward you. But when going out, you can make your company succeed in Asia first, and then expand to the world. To succeed, the first thing is to solve the language factor, because English is the universal language in the world, and it is also very common in China. It is very common in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, so it is necessary to have a very good foreign language ability

Wang Jialiang, CEO of touch treasure technology, disagrees with the view that Internet companies should first succeed in Asia and then expand to the world. He believes that companies that expect to succeed in Asia and go global can indeed succeed. On the other hand, he has also seen some successful cases in the world. They have also achieved success from a global perspective. Do you want to be an Asian company or a world company for a start-up? We must have a clear positioning. The Asian market is very large. We can't always start from Asia. We can take a bigger view and start from the world. For example, we can focus on a western country, instead of first localizing and then internationalizing. Wang Jialiang said

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