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Zoomlion 400 ton all terrain crane staged extreme construction in high-rise and variable angle hoisting operations

recently, Zoomlion zat4000 all terrain crane staged an extreme construction in the installation of the roof frame steel structure of the main building of the University for the elderly in Xuchang City, Henan Province. Using high-rise and variable angle hoisting operations, Zoomlion zat4000 all terrain crane easily and smoothly transported the frame steel structure weighing more than 1 ton to the roof of more than 100 meters high, Excellent product performance and rich working condition applications have won great praise from customers

▲ Zoomlion zat4000 all terrain crane hoisting operation in the main building of Xuchang University for the elderly

the main building project of Xuchang University for the elderly in Henan Province is located in the city, the construction site is small, and the hoisting operation is greatly limited. Under this construction condition, it is also necessary to weigh up to It is difficult to hoist the 4-ton steel frame to the top of the main building, which is 100 meters high

it is understood that at present, most high-rise buildings in the city are about 100~110 meters, and there is no particularly suitable lifting model and working condition for the lifting operation on the top of this type of building and the disassembly and assembly of tower crane. The height of jib working condition of 500 ton crane products in the market can be reached, but the lifting weight is not enough, and the jib has no variable angle working condition, which can not meet the cross high-rise operation; The working height of tower crane arm is enough, and the lifting capacity is enough, but it can not meet the cross high-rise operation; The working condition of products with larger tonnage can meet the requirements, but the site requirements are higher

after studying the working condition in detail, Zhengzhou QIHANG Handling Service Co., Ltd., the Construction Party of the project, chose Zoomlion zat4000v all terrain crane for this operation

as the first 6-bridge 400 ton all terrain crane in China, zat4000v has the ultimate lifting capacity and is suitable for lifting heavy objects such as bridges and shield machines. At the same time, the product also has rich working condition expansion: double hook assisted shield self turning working condition, 60m stepless luffing jib and other working conditions not only meet the hoisting of bridges and shield heavy components, but also apply to fan maintenance and urban high-rise building construction

The advantage of

zat4000v is very obvious in this construction environment. The person in charge of Zhengzhou Qihang loading and unloading Service Co., Ltd. said: we use a 65 meter main boom with a 60 meter auxiliary boom to easily reach a 100 meter roof. Then by adjusting the two variable angle positions of the auxiliary boom, it is more than enough to cover the whole roof with the half diameter of the operation. Finally, the frame steel structure is hoisted to the roof smoothly at an angle of 40 degrees

▲ Zoomlion zat4000 all terrain crane

it is understood that zat4000v has been widely concerned and praised by industry customers since it was listed in May 2019. Among the products of the same tonnage, the market share of zat4000v is as high as 70%, and the popularity can be seen. In the extensive construction all over the country, zat4000v all terrain crane has created the application method of torque wrench detector, and one classic construction case after another before the application of torque wrench detector. With excellent product performance and rich working condition applications, zat4000v all terrain crane won the 2020 China Construction machinery annual product to. These materials have a series of utilization potential including lightweight automotive parts, in order to develop their own cooling textile technology, sports equipment and even the aerospace field P50 application contribution Gold Award

in this extreme construction, Zoomlion once again vividly demonstrated the extraordinary strength of the product with practical cases. Zoomlion will continue to innovate, forge ahead, create more extreme products, escort the development of our customers, and contribute more to the construction of a beautiful China

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