Xiamen will build a large-scale special warehouse

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Xiamen will build a large-scale special warehouse for hazardous chemicals

Xiamen will build a large-scale special warehouse for hazardous chemicals

November 30, 2005

Xiamen plans to build a large-scale special warehouse for hazardous chemicals in Tongan Fengnan to solve the bottleneck of insufficient capacity of hazardous chemicals warehouses. At present, the dangerous chemicals warehouse is under planning and is expected to be approved for construction such as collision within the past two years

yesterday, Qiu Tiansheng, deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, revealed the news when answering the mayor's special line. It is understood that there are three dangerous chemicals warehouses in Xiamen, namely, the chemical and light dangerous goods warehouse behind the railway station, the dongpingshan dangerous goods warehouse and the Tongan Fengnan temporary dangerous chemicals warehouse, with a total storage area of more than 4000 square meters, but the existing storage capacity is less than one tenth of the total demand, so it is hard to store. The characteristics and ordinary protection of digital electronic tensile testing machine. More importantly, the existing hazardous chemicals warehouse can only store inflammables, and there is no storage capacity for some liquid highly toxic substances. Take TDI (toluene diisocyanate) as an example. As a steel structure, it is suitable for all kinds of industrial and civil buildings, including residential buildings. It is an important basic chemical raw material for the production of polyurethane materials. This product is rarely made in China. At present, it mainly depends on imports, but Xiamen, as an important port, has not yet had a special warehouse. Qiu Tiansheng said that after preliminary consideration, the special warehouse for hazardous chemicals to be built in Xiamen will cover an area of 40000 square meters, with a storage capacity of 140000 tons. In addition to inflammables, it can also store a variety of hazardous chemicals. In the future, hazardous chemicals in Xiamen will also be stored here as much as possible, but the existing three warehouses will still be retained. In yesterday's mayor's special line, Qiu Tiansheng also revealed another information that dangerous chemical production enterprises in Xiamen must apply for work safety licenses before the end of the year, otherwise they will face the fate of being suspended for rectification. According to reports, there are 37 hazardous chemical production enterprises in Xiamen, of which only 7 companies including Xiamen No.2 Chemical Plant and Xiamen Zhongkun Chemical Co., Ltd. have obtained work safety licenses. A large number of unlicensed hazardous chemical production enterprises are often hotbeds of accidents and become major safety concerns. According to statistics, since the second half of this year, a number of dangerous chemical safety accidents have occurred in Xiamen. Among the 522 hazardous chemicals enterprises (production, operation, storage and transportation enterprises) in the city, dozens of problems have been found so far. Qiu Tiansheng said that by the end of December this year, hazardous chemical production enterprises must obtain work safety licenses, otherwise, they will be shut down for rectification, and will be closed according to law if they fail to pass the rectification

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