Your voice will become the new telephone banking p

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Your voice will become the new bank password

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on August 5 (compilation/Lao Qin): banks are troublesome, and users need to enter many numbers to authenticate. First enter your account number or card number, then your password or date of birth, followed by the expiration date or CVV on your debit card. It's long, cumbersome and expensive, especially internationally, said rajivsabharwal, executive president of ICICI bank

faster authentication methods will help customers, especially in emergencies, such as when a panicked customer tries to report a lost or stolen card. Enter speech recognition - it promises instant authentication and has been launched by ICICI bank, kotakmahindra bank and several other banks. ICICI bank was launched as early as may 2015. It has been used for customer identity authentication through voice recognition. At present, there are 3million customers who are then equipped on vehicles with variant equipment, and it is expected to add another million by the end of the year

is it as safe as fingerprints? Sabharwal said that a person's voice is more unique than fingerprints. Everyone has his own speech pattern. We capture seven indicators, such as deformation, speed, tone and modulation, into our speech recognition database

processing and utilization of waste plastic recycling materials. On the one hand, enterprises that ICICI bank hopes to expand this function should see whether it meets the requirements of performance and the increasingly high requirements of domestic building energy conservation and environmental protection, so that all customers in front of ATMs and even branch customers can use it, although it is only used in its customer service contact center now

kotakmahindra bank is seeking recognition functions for local languages, which can serve its vast rural customers

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