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Yang Weiqiang of China Mobile Foshan branch: if you want to wear his crown, you must bear his weight.

he is a new monitor who manages a 22 person team shortly after taking office

as an old driver with strong broadband business ability, facing the first year of the company's transformation and full of challenges, he is not afraid of business changes, responds positively, and meets various challenges

as a new monitor with insufficient management experience, he is faced with a lot of pressure in the working process of work role transformation, team management and index benchmarking four ball friction and wear testing machine. He learns and improves, absorbs the experience of excellent monitor, and tries to adjust himself

give full play to his advantages, and diligence makes up for weakness

his strong broadband business ability is his strength. In terms of personnel guidance and personnel ability improvement, he gives full play to this advantage to help the team members improve their ability to remove obstacles, deal with problems, and generally clean their skills every 4 to 6 months

his team management experience in team building and communication is insufficient, which is his weakness and his ability in urgent need of improvement. He learned while doing and adjusted. If he had any problems, he asked the excellent monitor. He believed that diligence can make up for weakness, and only with effort can he gain

in the daily team work, he tried his best to help the team members do something within his ability; Strive to enter and exit with the team and give support to the team members in time; Start with me and set a good example

there are many difficulties, and they have the courage to overcome the combination of broadband in the second half of 2017. The number of team members has increased to 22, making team management more difficult; At the same time, the benchmarking effect of self-supporting teams is poor, and the data indicators need to be improved urgently. As the only monitor of the broadband special seat in the province, he also felt unprecedented pressure and test at the beginning of the team merger

he actively adjusted his mentality, recognized the reality, and improved the enthusiasm of the personnel by strengthening the goal, settling experience, forming a team one by one, and encouraging the four improvement projects in time, helping the personnel to change from what I want to do, what I want to do, and what I can do, so that the team is united, and the display of oil volume is a transparent material, overcoming many difficulties

forge ahead and strive for happiness

2018, the center and departments have higher requirements for broadband teams. He will continue to maintain sensitivity, strengthen the management of team culture and make qualitative changes in the team; Strive to promote the balanced improvement of various indicators, and strive to build an elite expert service team that satisfies customers; At the same time, in combination with the personality, hobbies and development direction of the staff, cultivate lecturers, internal trainers, obstacle removal experts and other professionals to help the rapid development of Jiakuan team

if he wants to wear his crown, he must bear his weight. He moves forward in difficulties and improves himself in challenges. Uphold the goal, lead the team, be strict with all the indicators of the experimental machine, forge ahead, continue to work hard, and strive to play a benchmarking role. Happiness is a struggle

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