Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan invites you t

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Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan invites you to participate in the 2007 system control exhibition

Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd., a close partner of rosheng company, will participate in the system control exhibition at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (ariak2, EU new standard is Series E) from November 13, 2007 to November 16, 2007. This exhibition mainly shows various technologies and advanced technologies of environment, safety and production

Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. cordially invites you, exhibition hall No.: West 1, booth No.: 65

Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. this exhibition mainly reflects three themes

(I) leading advanced technology

(II) customer centralized solutions

(III) global Yokogawa

* leading advanced technology

Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. leads the world's cutting-edge technology

* customer centralized solutions

Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive solutions from the problems and difficulties faced by customers

* global Yokogawa

Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. is people-oriented and has global outstanding talents

Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. will be displayed in the following exhibition areas:

manufacturing control area

Theme: transmission control, open network, reduce wiring

purpose: high speed, high precision and cost reduction of mechanical system

display mechanical control components Temperature control and cooperative manufacturing products

MES area (manufacturing execution system puts forward relevant goals in terms of technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, resource guarantee, green development, and integration of industrialization and industrialization) This can be said to be the theme of microcomputer operation

mechanical engineering support and embedded adjustment

purpose: the combination of machinery manufacturing and business management

Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. will display the following products:

fa-m3r- bring future differentiation

new products -e-rt3

control the future trend of products

urban automation area

display "reduce manpower" and "no manpower service machinery" The application of "modern city new automation instrument"

Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. is looking forward to your visit

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