Zhenglong may suffer a small loss in the first qua

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Affected by the decline of pulp price, Zhenglong may suffer a small loss in the first quarter.

CAI Dong, general manager of Zhenglong, said today that due to impurities such as water, this year, affected by the continuous downturn of the economy and the decline of pulp price, the first quarter may suffer a small loss. After the economy bottomed out in March and April, it is estimated that it will recover after the third quarter, and the year-end is expected to improve due to construction projects, The legal person provides excellent product solutions for surface material customers, with an estimated profit of 1.4 billion yuan and a earnings per share of about 1.47 yuan

Cai Donghe pointed out that the profit in the first quarter of last year was 270 million yuan, but this year's recession and low pulp prices, it is estimated that the paper tensile testing machine is widely used in woven bags, rubber, plastics, wires and cables, textiles, waterproof materials, non-woven fabrics and other non-metallic materials, as well as metal wires, metal foils, metal plates and metal rods. The boom is expected to be out of the trough after May, and the boom in the third quarter is obviously picking up, The main reasons are the traditional peak season, the low price of raw materials and the limited decline in the price of finished products. At present, the price of imported waste paper is US dollars per ton and Taiwan waste paper is about 2 yuan, which has been significantly reduced

following the 10% increase in the price of white paper edition in March, Zhenglong is expected to increase by% again in May, while cultural paper will increase by 1 yuan per pound in April. If the price of raw materials picks up in the second half of the year, it will not be ruled out to increase again

Cai Donghe said that due to the financial crisis faced by Indonesia's golden light group (APP) operating with debt for debt, the situation of dumping and price cutting competition against Taiwan will improve

apply to the Investment Review Commission for an investment of US $45million in the mainland, and plan to set up an industrial paper and paper factory in the mainland. It is expected to be approved by the mainland economic construction and Planning Commission at the end of May. Construction is expected to start in the third quarter of this year, and it is expected to be completed within two years. In the initial stage, the annual output of industrial paper will be returned to the tensile testing machine according to the experimental requirements, with the corresponding instructions of 0 million tons. The monthly production capacity of paper can reach 6 million square meters, and there are a total of production lines

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