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Xintai glass, a subsidiary of xiuqiang, officially settled in Dongguan

recently, Dongguan Xintai Glass Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of xiuqiang, a listed enterprise in Jiangsu, officially settled in Dongguan. According to the industrial and commercial registration data, Xintai glass has a registered capital of 15million yuan and is located at plant 79, longan 15th Road, Humen Town

the capital contribution structure of Xintai glass is that xiuqiang shares use its own funds to contribute 9million yuan in cash, accounting for 60% of the registered capital of the new company, so that the total flow into the load is greater than the flow shareholders of the pump

according to the introduction of xiuqiang, Xintai glass will build a production line with an annual output of 600000 square meters of household appliance heat insulation coated glass, and the target markets include large oven coated glass, freezer conductive heat insulation coated glass and human health scale coated glass. The company plans to complete the project in less than a year and strive to put it into operation in the first half of 2013. As for qiaolu, which set up a new company, there is a background of voltage output. Xiuqiang said that "while occupying and consolidating the traditional home appliance glass market, the company has formulated a plan to enter the field of home appliance heat insulation coated glass."

xiuqiang shares said that the project location in Dongguan is mainly due to the high industrial concentration in Dongguan. "The real ability of crowding is shown here: from the perspective of system and tooling investment, Dongguan is dominated by manufacturing industry, factories in all walks of life accumulate, foreign capital, domestic capital and joint ventures exchange and cooperate with each other to learn, talent resources are abundant, and market information is active. Large household appliance and electronic enterprises all over the world have production supporting bases in Guangzhou, and high-quality suppliers are needed to provide personal services." The person in charge of the company said. Zhonghua glass () Department

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