Xinnuofei completed the acquisition of leiming tec

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Xinnuofei completed the acquisition of leiming technology to strengthen the layout of China's outdoor lighting market

xinnuofei announced on August 2 that it had completed the acquisition of Shenzhen leiming technology, which not only strengthened the layout of xinnuofei in the domestic and surrounding landscape lighting market, but also further improved the company's leading position in the outdoor lighting market in China and the Asia Pacific region

as a manufacturer of excellent urban landscape and building facade lighting fixtures and control systems in China, Shenzhen leiming technology has a wide and competitive product portfolio, and has mature market experience in the field of outdoor lighting in China. Leiming has made excellent achievements in the field of architectural lighting decoration and stage LED lighting, and has received good praise from the industry at home and abroad. Leiming products are also adopted by many lighting designers and lighting engineering companies

Wang Yun, senior vice president of xinnuofei and President of Greater China, said that the addition of leiming technology and Philips CK (color kinematics) series form a complementary product line, providing customers with rich choices at different levels and diversification

with China's economic development and accelerated urbanization, the urban landscape lighting market will usher in great opportunities in the next few years. With xinnuofei's worldwide service network and rich product selection, we can better respond to customers' requirements and provide them with the most suitable products and the most perfect systems and services

xinnuofei has always attached importance to the Chinese market. Since entering China for nearly a century, Honda has also just launched a new version of ridgeline truck to greatly invest in the Chinese market. After the acquisition, xinnuofei's strong scientific and technological strength and strict manufacturing standards will effectively improve leiming technology. Xinnuofei will also take this opportunity to accelerate the improvement of the layout of urban lighting and bring more complete products, systems and services to China and the Asia Pacific market

through this acquisition of leiming technology, xinnuofei is not only maintaining the high-end market advantage, but also accelerating the improvement of the mid-range market layout, showing its determination to deeply cultivate the urban landscape lighting market. Relying on high-quality products and services, xinnuofei said it would be committed to creating beautiful night scenery and city business cards for more Chinese cities

background information

on May 16, 2018, Philips Lighting Holdings (Phil and then know what tests need to be done ipslight NV) officially changed its name to signify NV, and continues to use Philips as a product brand. After the acquisition, the relevant lemming business is managed and operated by Shenzhen leifei Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., one of the few enterprises under xinnuofei that can mass produce cylindrical 811 high nickel batteries. The new company will continue to use litemagic lemming and litemeta as product brands

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