Zhonghuo Zhongtian hechuang coal to olefin project

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Zhongtian hechuang coal to olefin project polypropylene plant CCCC recently, Zhongtian hechuang Erdos coal deep processing demonstration project, which is the main reason to push up the price of 350000 tons/year polypropylene (first-line) plant CCCC. The unit adopts the process technology improved on the basis of Sinopec's second-generation loop polypropylene technology. The project is under the general contract of Sinopec Engineering (SEI), with a one-time acceptance rate of 100% and a one-time qualification rate of 98% for nondestructive testing of welded junctions

it is reported that in the Zhongtian hechuang project, the 350000 ton/year polypropylene (first-line) plant is the only one that is completely constructed by the EPC management mode in Sinopec project. SEI is responsible for design, procurement and construction management, and Beijing Yanhua company is the construction contractor for on-site construction. The project team completed all the construction tasks of civil engineering, steel structure, process pipeline, static equipment, dynamic equipment, electrical and instrumentation in 22 months

Zhongtian hechuang Erdos coal deep processing project is located in Erdos, Inner Mongolia. It adopts Ge coal water slurry gasification technology and SMTO technology, and is constructed in two phases. In phase I, two coal mines and three methanol plants that can meet the basic needs of the domestic market of 600000 tons/year are mainly constructed; Phase II will mainly construct 21.8 million T/a methanol to olefin, 670000 T/a polyethylene and 700000 T/a polypropylene. The project plans to open up the whole process and produce qualified products by late September 2016

Zhongtian hechuang Erdos coal deep processing demonstration project is designed by Sinopec refining and Chemical Engineering (SEG), mainly including coal gasification, purification, methanol synthesis, methanol to olefin, polyolefin and other production units, as well as supporting air separation, power boilers, circulating water plant, tank area and other public works. Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd. (SNEC) is the General Institute, which is mainly responsible for the coal to methanol part, Sinopec Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. (SEI) is responsible for the olefin part, and Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Co., Ltd. (SSEC) is responsible for three sets of polyolefins

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