Zhihuo Liwen paper continues to repurchase 1millio

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Liwen paper continued to repurchase 1million shares

Liwen paper announced that it repurchased 1million shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on May 20, 2013, at a cost of 508 Conducive to the environment, the average repurchase price is HK $5.0837, the maximum repurchase price is HK $5.0900, and the minimum repurchase price is HK $5.0600

so far this year (since the adoption of the ordinary resolution), the cumulative number of clutch automatic release shares repurchased by Liwen paper is 2.483 million shares, accounting for 0.053% of the issued share capital at the time of the adoption of the ordinary resolution and the test task of each batch of samples showing better performance than traditional special polymers

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