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On the first day of listing, Yituo shares became the "Oriental Pearl TV Tower"

Guide: although in recent times, restricted by many factors such as the impact of the economic downturn, the domestic stock market has been green, fat, red and thin, depressed, and shareholders' willingness to enter the market and trade is not strong, on the day of listing, Yituo shares were chased by institutions and shareholders, showing a good start. At 9:30 a.m. on the 8th, hand in

although the domestic stock market has been "green, fat, red and thin", depressed, and shareholders' willingness to enter the market and trade is not strong, due to many factors such as the impact of the economic downturn, Yituo shares were chased by institutions and shareholders on the day of listing, showing a good opening

at 9:30 a.m. on the 8th, I saw in the trading hall of the Shanghai stock exchange that the shares fell to 1.201 billion euros and Yituo opened at 8.05 yuan. Within more than ten minutes, the share price rose to more than 8.7 yuan, and the transaction was very active. As of the close, the share price rose to 9.50 yuan, closing at 8.85 yuan, with a turnover of more than 1.3 million hands and a turnover rate of 87.27%. At 9:40 a.m., as the share price rose by more than 10% compared with the opening price, the trading was suspended for half an hour, and 1 must adhere to the cleaning of the experimental machine. At 11:08 a.m., due to the turnover rate of more than 80%, the trading was suspended until 2:50 p.m. according to the quality risk rules underwritten by Shanghai Stock Exchange, which mainly guaranteed the risk of replacement or return of contract user enterprises caused by the quality defects of new materials

in the trading hall, relevant people on the Shanghai Stock Exchange told that the first day opening performance of Yituo shares was one of the most satisfactory stocks of newly listed companies in recent time, indicating that shareholders are optimistic about the future growth of Yituo shares. That night, check your views on the successful listing of Yituo shares and the stock trend on the first day. Most friends said that Yituo shares is the most powerful agricultural machinery production enterprise in China at present, with advanced technology and scientific and technological strength. The state has increased investment in agriculture, which is substantially beneficial to agricultural machinery enterprises, and Yituo shares have great potential

a-share listing has attracted wide attention from all walks of life

Yituo shares, as the first agricultural concept stock listed in Hong Kong in the mainland, has officially returned to the A-share market, and has received wide attention from all walks of life and the media. CCTV, economy, Henan, Henan TV, Dahe news and Luoyang local media all sent full coverage. The leaders of state machinery group, Henan Province and city, as well as the leaders of Shanghai Stock Exchange, China Construction Bank, Bank of communications, CITIC Securities and other financial circles participated in various activities of Yituo's initial public offering of a shares

at Shangri La Hotel, the distinguished guests attending the celebration reception signed their names on the signature board of the IPO A-share listing ceremony of Yituo shares

at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, VIP representatives performed a lion dance to cheer up the listing ceremony

at the trading hall of the exchange, Zhao Jiancai, vice governor of Henan Province, delivered a passionate speech. He said that over the years, Yituo has always adhered to serving "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and focused on the R & D, production and sales of agricultural machinery; Adhere to rooted in the native land of the Central Plains, serve the overall situation of the country, and conform to the world trend; Adhering to the guidance of technological innovation, we strive to explore domestic and foreign markets, and the overall efficiency has been steadily improved. We have developed into one of the largest tractor manufacturers with the most advanced technology and the strongest comprehensive strength in China, and are the leader in the domestic agricultural machinery manufacturing industry. The return of Yituo shares to a shares provides a platform for enterprises to further expand their development space, and plays a very important role in greatly improving the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. On behalf of the people's Government of Henan Province, he extended warm congratulations on the successful listing of Yituo shares

as a leading investment bank in China, CITIC Securities adheres to the business philosophy of growing together with customers. As the sponsor and lead underwriter of the A-share issuance of Yituo shares, it actively contributes its own strength to the landing of Yituo shares in the A-share capital market. Deli Liren, chairman of the investment banking committee of CITIC Securities Co., Ltd., is full of expectations for the win-win development in the future by breaking through the early market bottleneck of product utilization with Yituo

the tomorrow of Yituo shares is better

the performance of Yituo shares on the first day of listing attracted the admiration of people in the industry. In the trading hall, in the face of the booming trend of Yituo shares, the distinguished guests attending the ceremony took group photos to cherish the memory of this beautiful moment. Some people also picked up the opening Gong and struck it excitedly, and many people looked up to watch the stock trend and market

the cycle of the sun and the moon. Today, 15 years after the listing of Yituo H shares in Hong Kong, Yituo shares finally returned to the A-share market

on June 23, 1997, Yituo H shares were listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong. It is not only the first agricultural machinery enterprise in China to achieve overseas listing, but also the curtain of Yituo testing the capital market. Recalling the development history of Yituo over the past 15 years, zhaoshanshui, chairman of Yituo Co., Ltd., believes that the listing of Yituo H-shares is the first time that Yituo has come into contact with the capital market, which provides key financial support for Yituo's technological transformation and product improvement and upgrading, and also brings changes to YITUO's business management

this return to the A-share market means that the company has taken another important step towards becoming a global excellent supplier of agricultural equipment. As chairman Zhao Shanshui said, standing at a new starting point, seeking new development and achieving new leaps, the company will adhere to the strategic idea of "focusing on core resources, focusing on core businesses, focusing on core markets, constantly improve the company's innovation and operation capabilities, and make new contributions to the new round of industrial upgrading of China's agricultural machinery industry

Yituo shares landed on A-share to realize "a+h" dual-mode capital operation. Through two capital platforms at home and abroad, Yituo shares is confident to achieve new leapfrog development, seek greater returns for shareholders, create more value for society, and bring greater welfare to employees

Yituo shares, tomorrow will be better

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