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Upgrading the "two wings" of semi-trailer and tank car CIMC Tonghua Juli Chuang Ling 2020

upgrading the "two wings" of semi-trailer and tank car CIMC Tonghua Juli Chuang Ling 2020

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Yangzhou, where CIMC Tonghua sits, is a famous "international slow city" at home and abroad, but its own development has leaped rapidly, It is truly the "leader of China's special vehicle industry". On December 28, CIMC Tonghua 2020 annual dealer conference with the theme of "focus and win the future" was held grandly, with partners from all over the country and industry colleagues attending

in 2019, both international and domestic economic development will face severe challenges. The game in various fields and industries will be fierce, and the market competition will be brutal. In the same period, the relevant domestic laws and regulations related to freight vehicles were changed, amended and supplemented; The actual needs of users are constantly upgrading; Many factors, such as the depressed transportation market and intensified competition, have put great pressure on the special vehicle market. Moreover, disorderly competition in the industry, including the lack of transport capacity under the influence of mass transit "transit railway", also caused resistance to the upward channel. Nevertheless, CIMC Tonghua still leads the industry with outstanding product strength and active marketing services. It is particularly noteworthy that CIMC Tonghua's sales team returned to face the market directly

sun Chunan, executive vice president and COO of CIMC vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd.

"The return of the sales team has enabled the sales and factory system to achieve 'integrated operation'. The general trend of the world is to divide and merge as long as they are combined. Today, Tonghua's sales team has attached the genes of CIMC vehicles, which can work together, enable the factory to interact more with customers, respond more quickly to customer needs and services, stimulate deeper vitality, and bring about a great increase in market share. I hope that the sales team will accumulate Actively integrate into the factory, be brave in innovation and struggle, and help Tonghua consortium to achieve greater development and achieve comprehensive 'China first'. " Sun Chunan, executive vice president and COO of CIMC vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd., said that CIMC Tonghua will surely realize the "two wings" of semi-trailer and tank car products in continuous progress

liuhongqing, President of CIMC Tonghua digital semi-trailer complex

although the road is far away, it will come, and although things are difficult to do, it will be done. Despite the heavy pressure from the overall economy and industry market, CIMC still outperformed the 2019 market with a steady attitude. "In 2020, CIMC Tonghua will continue to strengthen its confidence, adhere to the strategy and business focus, take customers as the center, take scientific and technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing as the core competence, provide products and services required by customers, and concentrate resources to do certain things, so as to make the 'skeleton' of the enterprise stronger and 'muscle' stronger. Semi trailer factories should be able to be 'big' and 'strong', which is reflected in the scale of revenue, and 'strong' in the core competition Strength. Tank car factories should be able to be 'strong' and 'refined'. The 'strong' is reflected in global competitiveness, and the 'refined' is reflected in excellent quality and high-quality orders. "

liuhongqing, President of CIMC Tonghua digital semi-trailer joint venture, pointed out that facing challenges and opportunities, in 2020, CIMC Tonghua takes "qualitative growth" as its business purpose and sales and revenue growth as its business objective. While doing a good job in normal operation, it also produces, builds and relocates. At the same time, it should constantly improve its marketing system and achieve new development in the spirit of re entrepreneurship

the conference also grandly released the "Canjun III series" intelligent aluminum alloy oil semi-trailer, and exhibited 27 latest products in CIMC Tonghua factory, including 19 semi-trailers and 8 tank cars. All products meet the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, and have been technically optimized and improved in many aspects, with enhanced reliability and lightweight advantages

development needs opportunities, but also innovation

as one of the "Lighthouse" factories first built by CIMC vehicles, CIMC Tonghua takes advantage of the relocation opportunity to speed up the upgrading of production lines, takes "Asia's leading semi-trailer production base, the world's leading tank car production and research base" as the development vision, and uses the concept of "Digital design, automatic production, and digital management" to build a green factory for intelligent manufacturing of special vehicles. According to the plan, by the end of June 2020, CIMC Tonghua can also meet the requirements of the charging gun shell on mechanical strength, flame retardancy, temperature resistance and other aspects for comparison and analysis. The overall project will be basically completed, and the "smart manufacturing benchmark in the special vehicle industry" will be established at that time

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