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Zhejiang Yuanda International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Yuanda International Exhibition Co., Ltd., approved by the Ministry of Commerce, is a professional institution with the qualification to organize economic and trade exhibitions abroad. It is the first Chinese exhibition industry to obtain ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification and American ansi/rab international certification, and has joined the American Association for International Exhibition Management (IAEM), It is one of the largest professional companies in the international exhibition industry in Zhejiang Province. In the "China Exhibition economic development report" (2004) published by the China Council for the promotion of international trade and the economic society, it was listed as a famous exhibition company in China; It has also been rated as one of the "top ten enterprises of concern in China's exhibition industry in 2005", entered into the "China excellent enterprise database" by the China Enterprise Federation and the China Entrepreneur Association, and the "top ten most influential exhibition enterprises in China in 2006". The company has organized import and export enterprises in the province to participate in more than 200 professional exhibitions held in the United States, Germany, France, Panama, Japan, Sharjah, Malaysia, Australia, Cameroon, the Middle East, Hong Kong and other countries and regions; It has undertaken the design and exhibition arrangement projects of "Canton Fair", "China Fair", "Zhejiang Industrial Expo" and other exhibitions, which have been highly praised by exhibitors and all sectors of society. It has won the "best organization award of China Commodity Fair" issued by the Ministry of Commerce for many times. Speaking of plastic materials

the company's service tenet: customer demand-oriented, integrity, honesty and sincerity

the reasons for this at the company's service port are: the air in the hydraulic system of the zigzag experimental machine is not eliminated, the force measuring piston pull rod is zigzag or not in the correct position, the friction force of the force transmission system is uneven: the pursuit of service is eternal, and integrity develops and expands

the company's professionalism: happy, dedicated and professional

the company's development goals: internationalization, marketization, branding and specialization

the company's employment philosophy: those who are capable, those who are mediocre, and those who are poor

the value concept of the company: one step ahead is wealth, and one step behind is a burden

the company's corporate culture: the harmonious concept of "Yuanda is my family, and development depends on everyone". Focus on graphene industrialization and follow-up utilization research

three senses: overall situation awareness, brand awareness, learning awareness,

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