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British Glass requires legal glass recycling

British Glass requires the local government to regulate the classified recycling of glass products if the oil pipe is broken, especially for the recycling of glass bottles, and hopes to establish a special glass bottle recycling station

the research data released by Defra recently shows that the total amount of glass recycling increased from 1256408 tons in 2006 to 1437539 tons in 2007, but the share of recycled glass used in glass bottle production decreased from 751845 tons to 69.6028 tons

british glass pointed out that at present, domestic glass comprehensive recycling stations are gradually replacing glass bottle recycling stations, These comprehensive glass product recycling stations use material recycling equipment for classification processing "This is a very exciting opportunity, rather than manual processing - this is the main reason for the decline in the number of recycled glass used in the production of glass containers.

due to the increase in glass recycling, British Glass believes that the national method of processing recycled glass has achieved the effective recycling goal. However, it questions the long-term effect of its decision.

the head of British Glass said that it can be injection molded once "We understand the government's decision very well, but we should take corresponding legal intervention again. The national government and local authorities should set short-term and long-term goals for glass recycling to ensure the healthy and stable development of glass recycling."

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