COFCO futures' large position brings opportunities

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COFCO Futures: large positions bring opportunities to the market

the opening price of hj0809 is predicted to be 22290 yuan. Paulson believes that the danger of subprime mortgages has passed, and non-agricultural labor productivity and existing housing sales are lower than the same period last year, but better than expected; Bank stocks led the decline, with crude oil falling more sharply, with the Dow falling 1.59%. Global commodities have the following characteristics: 1. Crude oil rose by 1.39% and gold fell by 0.9%. The trend of mainstream commodities has diverged, and both rises and falls have become a thing of the past. Fundamentals will dominate other commodity prices; 2. The U.S. government should be neat and ready to deal with inflation, and the strong effect of the dollar passed to commodities. Metals fell, nickel and tin fell 0.36%, 0.41%, and lead fell 5.18%; 3. Agricultural products were mixed, with beans and soybean oil up 2.4% and 2.27%, and cotton and wheat down 1.3% and 1.34%. Shanghai Jiaotong has the following characteristics: 1. The main positions are open-ended and covert. On the surface, the positions belong to "left-right mutual Bo", and the bearish view has not changed in essence; 2. The main force must use wisdom to solve the problem of locking orders. In addition to reaping bad mentality, passive locking orders have a greater impact on confidence in terms of time; 3. Unlocking after the order is locked. "Tong Genshu, deputy director of the Institute of high performance materials and structures of Zhejiang University, told the economy that it will bring opportunities to the market. Combining the advantages of both sides, reducing positions in one direction will form a unilateral market. In addition, reducing positions on one side will expose positions on the other side, and the market will run in the opposite direction. Operation: with so many funds used by Shanghai Jiao shorts, only a few hundred points have fallen. Shanghai Jiao 0 enterprises can not only understand the latest trend of the industry, 809 contract has not fallen deeply, and the limit position is 21500 yuan. If it falls to 21500 yuan, the position needs to be increased to 10000 hands. While the main force is doing useless work, the large position will bring opportunities to the market

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