Yongnian, the hottest fastener City, successfully

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Yongnian, the "capital of fasteners", successfully created a "smile curve"

"fastening straw can make bulletproof vests nbsp; Mianyang released the capital of new chemical materials and parts" Yongnian successfully created a "smile curve"

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Guide: during the three-day meeting, 450million yuan of gold was attracted! The successful conclusion of the 6th China Handan (Yongnian) fastener and equipment exhibition shows us the positive energy of the exhibition to stimulate the standard parts industry. The author learned that, as the largest fastener production and processing base and distribution center in China, Yongnian proposed a characteristic industry

during the three-day meeting, 450million yuan was attracted! The successful conclusion of the 6th China Handan (Yongnian) fastener and equipment exhibition shows us the positive energy of the exhibition to stimulate the standard parts industry

the author learned that, as the largest fastener production and processing base and distribution center in China, Yongnian proposed the "two extensions" of the fastener industry, a characteristic industry. Upward is to connect with the special steel industry and extend to the production of fastener raw materials; We will strengthen scientific and technological research and development, constantly update production equipment, and extend to high value-added products

the relevant person in charge of Yongnian County government said that through "two extensions", we should further improve the Yongnian fastener industry chain, promote the continuous upgrading of the industry, and consolidate and enhance the status of "fastener capital of China"

from famous brand exhibition to famous brand products

"after years of development, Yongnian fastener and equipment exhibition has made its own brand among manufacturers and dealers." This is the general reflection of many exhibitors when evaluating this exhibition

on the opening day of the exhibition, the author found that in addition to many enterprises in Shanghai, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Guangdong and other major fastener producing areas, there were also many exhibitors from Gansu, Shandong and other places. Wenzhou Ouhai San?? Dai Jianguang, the person in charge of the booth of the transmission machinery factory, told the author that this is the third time to participate in the exhibition this year, and there are gains every time. In the exhibition area, many machinery companies from Guangdong, Ningbo and other places attracted a lot of attention. The heads of many enterprises said that the exhibition not only showed the latest achievements of today's fastener industry, but also played an important role in promoting customer exchanges and cooperation. It was also a good opportunity for selling equipment supporting products

statistics from relevant departments of Yongnian County show that at present, there are 3880 fastener production and processing enterprises in the county, with products in more than 50 categories, more than 10000 specifications and models, and more than 300000 employees. As the largest standard parts industry cluster in China, the production and sales of fasteners in the county account for more than 45% of the country

however, such a fastener system that can be counted all over the country lacks high-end products and famous brand products

"the purpose of building famous brand exhibitions is to upgrade the industry and make Yongnian standard parts emerge more famous brand enterprises and products." Cuixianmin, director of Yongnian standard parts management committee, told the author that the exhibition has developed into one of the largest fastener industry exhibitions in northern China. The scale of the exhibition is larger and the number of visitors is more and more, which is of great significance for improving the development level of Yongnian standard parts industry, extending the industrial chain, promoting the adjustment of industrial institutions, and improving product competitiveness

yaohaiguang, Secretary General of China Machinery General Parts Industry Association, said frankly that Yongnian should take the exhibition as an opportunity to actively seek cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win results, strengthen cooperation in brand, research and development, fastener manufacturing equipment and other aspects, further improve its product quality, produce and develop high-quality and high value-added products, strengthen intellectual property protection, and strive to cultivate its own brands

shaping the "smile curve" of the industry

the "smile curve" theory proposed by the famous entrepreneur Shi Zhenrong widely exists in the industries of various tangible products. The so-called "smile curve" is actually the added value curve. A curve in the shape of a smiling mouth, with both ends facing upward and R & D on the left, belongs to global competition; On the right is marketing, mainly local competition; In the middle is manufacturing. In the industrial chain, the added value is more reflected at both ends - Design and sales, and the manufacturing added value in the middle link is the lowest. The vast majority of Yongnian's fastener industry is just in the middle of the "smile curve"

according to the analysis of insiders, like the national fastener industry and even many traditional industries in China, Yongnian standard parts are facing many difficulties and problems, such as small enterprise scale, low industrial concentration, small: +886 ⑶ ⑵ 654349 Fax: +886 ⑶ ⑵ 654388 comprehensive, large and comprehensive, and poor professional division and cooperation; Low grade and low value-added products are surplus, and high-grade and high value-added products are insufficient; The level of technology, process and equipment is generally low, and the ability of technological innovation is not strong. But Yongnian also has advantages in market, cost, manpower, transportation, land, energy and so on

"efforts should be made to extend to both ends of the value chain, the independent innovation at the front end, and the brand marketing, after-sales service, supply chain management, integrated logistics and other aspects at the back end, so as to raise the development of Yongnian's fastener industry to a new and higher level." Yang dongzuo, chairman of the fastener Professional Committee of the hardware and Electromechanical chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, said that Yongnian's fastener colleagues should take the exhibition as an opportunity to adhere to independent innovation, optimize product structure, rapidly improve the current fastener equipment level and product technology content, further strengthen industry self-discipline, and refine and strengthen the industry

in fact, in the face of the increasingly fierce competition in the market, Yongnian County has increasingly realized that if it wants to consolidate the leading edge of the industry and achieve a second leap, it must upgrade, start with improving quality, increasing efficiency and creating famous brands, enhance R & D capabilities, and strive to occupy the two high-end "smile curve"

the second leap still needs efforts

in order to accelerate the transformation and development of fastener enterprises and improve the industrial grade and level, Yongnian Standard Parts Association will take about 15s; To check whether the upper and lower limits are more appropriate, experts from the school of materials, Shanghai Jiaotong University were contacted, and Hebei Institute of standard parts was established last year. This marks a major change in Yongnian's standard parts industry from relying solely on scale development to high-precision and cutting-edge direction

in November this year, the Yongnian Office of the national standard parts product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing) was established. As a third-party testing institution approved by the national certification and accreditation supervision commission, it will promote the overall level of Yongnian standard parts products from the two levels of technology and standards, promote more products to the high-end market, and create a new image of Yongnian with "high-end, environmental protection and high quality"

more gratifying is that Yongnian will start the construction of China Yongnian international standard parts new city with a total investment of 8billion yuan, Wenzhou standard parts industrial park with a total investment of 2billion yuan and Yongnian railway standard parts industrial park with an investment of 560million yuan

in recent years, Yongnian County has made significant changes in the fastener industry in terms of overall layout, enterprise scale, technical equipment, product research and development through the construction of markets, the cultivation of parks, the focus on quality, and the introduction of technology. There are 10 provincial famous trademarks of fasteners in the county, with an annual output of 2.83 million tons last year and an output value of 19.6 billion yuan. It is recognized as the first batch of "demonstration industrial clusters of small and medium-sized enterprises in Hebei Province"

Cui Xianmin told the author that the transfer of fastener enterprises in Zhejiang and other places did not occur in Yongnian. On the contrary, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises of Yongnian fasteners has not decreased, but increased a lot, about oneortwo every year. This is because more and more large enterprises have transferred some of their supporting small products to small and medium-sized enterprises for production, while large enterprises are more focused on high-precision products

however, as the leader of the transformation and upgrading of the fastener industry, enterprises still need to work hard. Cui Xianmin said that in order to change the low-end status of Yongnian fastener industry, it is necessary to introduce the world's top fastener equipment. Only more enterprises participate in the equipment update can promote the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry

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