Zhongrong printing won the if design award again

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Reshaping packaging vision Zhongrong printing won the if design award again. Release date: Source: Zhongrong printing group creative center

Zhongrong printing was founded in 1978. It is a large group company focusing on the consumer goods market and providing professional and competitive paper packaging products, overall solutions and value-added services for medium and high-end brand customers around the world. Recently, the company won the if product design award again with its excellent products

Zhongrong printing won the if award again

Zhongrong printing's winning work this time: "Tea House tea packaging"

China has a tea culture of more than 3000 years, which often gives people a sense of retro and history. This time, Zhongrong will put a new brand on the tea culture and reshape the packaging vision of "young people's tea". The packaging is intended to restore the scene of tea picking, create an artistic conception, open the packaging, as if entering the tea garden, immersive, and make people feel detached. Looking at the tea mountain cloud in the distance, it brings confidence to the extruder enterprise. The fog is swirling, and the tea fragrance is intoxicating, and the tea picking woman is faintly visible

house type structural design is adopted in the design, which echoes the brand of tea house. The interior design of the package is the application of immersive scenes on the package, creating an immersive picture of tea picking. It uses the design language of three-dimensional card structure and illustration to describe the scene of a tea sea full of spring. The packaging design of immersive scenes enables brands to establish an interactive and sustainable dialogue relationship with consumers. Interactive packaging structure - a small decoration on the desktop, giving packaging a second life

continue to help customers improve brand value

design is everywhere to realize the development strategy of one body and two wings. Everyone has different interpretations of the definition of design, and excellent design just reflects people's quality of life and the pursuit of a better life

over the years, Zhongrong printing has adhered to exploration and innovation, always paying attention to the needs and trends of customers and consumers, in order to design products that are more in line with the psychological needs of consumers and convey more novel and fashionable design concepts to customers

Zhongrong has always adhered to the vision of "becoming a leading printing and packaging solution service provider in the world". As a national printing demonstration enterprise, and an enterprise of the new generation of liquid phosphite antioxidant of adivant to improve product performance, the national high-end paper products packaging intelligent manufacturing pilot project, the company integrates innovative research and development, creative design, integrated manufacturing, intelligent production, and terminal marketing services, Relying on innovative solution capabilities, fast and reliable supply chain system, advanced equipment and technology, and professional service team, we will continue to help customers improve brand value

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