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"Road doctor" Inda successfully hosted the 2018 Silk Road Science and technology education and Culture International Forum

"road doctor" Inda successfully hosted the 2018 Silk Road Science and technology education and Culture International Forum

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on December 22, "Silk Road Science and technology education and Culture International Forum (Nanjing Summit) and the 25th anniversary celebration of Inda Technology Group" was grandly held in Nanjing Jiangsu Grand Theater

launching ceremony

Fei Shaoyun, director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Jiangsu provincial government, Li Hui, Secretary of the Qixia District Party committee of Nanjing, Cao Shu, deputy secretary of the Jianye District Party committee of Nanjing, Shen Jihong, director of the administrative committee of the Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wu Jianzhong, President of the Jiangsu Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, and other leaders attended the summit and expressed their congratulations

as an international event hosted by the Hong Kong Institute of science, technology, education and culture and hosted by Yingda technology group, this forum attracted more than 700 envoys and guests from China, Japan, Belgium, Serbia, Central Africa, Sri Lanka and other countries

on site of the conference

Sri Lanka's ambassador to China Kodi tuwaku, former Vice Foreign Minister and former Chinese ambassador to the United States Zhou Wenzhong, and President of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Tang Weizhang successively addressed the forum

Zhou Wenzhang, former vice president of the National Academy of administration, Zhong Binglin, President of the Chinese society of education and former president of Beijing Normal University, Xu Dingming, former director of the national energy administration, Zhang Yuyan, member of the academic department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Shi Weibin, chairman of Yingda technology group, respectively presented a world-class academic feast for the guests on the topics of private economy, trial oriented education, green technology, world situation, independent innovation and so on

speech and guest speaker

chairman Shi Weibin shared his "independent innovation ternary theory" in his keynote speech, and called on all guests to "abide by business ethics and stimulate innovation"

this appeal was recognized and responded to by the guests at the meeting, and the response was enthusiastic. Chairman Shi Weibin said that he had never expected such a great response and support from the "independent innovation ternary theory". He believes that if an enterprise, a country or a nation wants to gain continuous vitality, it must adhere to independent innovation. In his view, "independent innovation comes from in-depth market analysis, rigorous electronic information and electrical appliances. In the era of intelligence, cloud, levity and high-speed, it is characterized by rapid development of logical reasoning and strong sense of hardship."

chairman Shi Weibin also said that "independent innovation" is not only a slogan, but also needs practical methods to promote, mobilize and call. In the context of the in-depth development of economic globalization, Chinese enterprises can not only create more value for China and the world, but also truly hold the leadership and discourse power in the complex economic situation around the world unless they are based on "independent innovation" and constantly develop and master the core technologies of all walks of life

"independent innovation" has become a high-frequency word of the forum

chairman Shi Weibin sincerely hopes that through this forum activity, we can plan and promote independent innovation in science and technology from a global perspective, so that Nanjing, Jiangsu and even Chinese enterprises can better integrate into international scientific and technological innovation cooperation

the event received professional talent training from people, people, Xinhua, Xinhua, Jiangsu TV, Phoenix, modern express, Yangtze Evening News, Zijinshan, Longhu, Nanbao, Jiangsu Radio, Nanjing Radio, Nanjing TV and more than 100 media reports and attention across the country

"Silk Road Science, technology, education and Culture International Forum" has also formed a heated discussion on the Internet. As of 19:00 p.m. on the day of the forum, the microblogging topics related to the forum have attracted more than 100million friends' attention

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