Xinyang brand of the hottest epoxy resin seizes th

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Xinyang brand of epoxy resin seizes the main market in China

Xinyang brand of epoxy resin seizes the main market in China

April 7, 2005

recently, the price of epoxy resin has soared all the way, and the booming demand market has attracted many foreign epoxy manufacturers to rush into China. At present, in the market, Xinyang brand epoxy resins from Russia, Spain, South Korea, Iran and Thailand have entered the mainland to occupy the domestic market share of metal material fatigue testing machine

due to the short entry time, these brands have not been recognized by mainland users at present, and will not have a great impact on the market for the time being. However, due to the low price of these products, some are basically the same as domestic products, and some are even lower than domestic brands by yuan/ton (there is also a foreign brand agent who promises a large space to accept acceptance bills for more than 3 months). Coupled with the unremitting promotion of domestic agents, after a period of time, it may cause trouble for the sales of domestic products

market analysts believe that the entry of these epoxy resins into China may be a new strategy adopted by foreign investors after the Chinese government conducted an anti-dumping investigation on the use of bisphenol electronic universal testing machine: A, epichlorohydrin. According to some tried customers, although the price of these new foreign brands is low, the quality of some products is not suitable for occasions with high requirements for epoxy, but there will be a certain market in the field of low and medium requirements for epoxy

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