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Xiamen builds a cross-strait call center outsourcing industry base to seek cooperation opportunities

Xiamen builds a cross-strait call center outsourcing industry base to seek cooperation opportunities

at the seminar, participants discussed Xiamen's pivotal position in cross-strait call center outsourcing, hoping to take this activity to completely transform Xiamen's human resources and Minnan language advantages into productivity, Build Xiamen into a distribution center for the outsourcing industry of cross-strait call centers

it is reported that the call center is a marketing channel for modern enterprises. Customers can conduct two-way interaction with enterprises through call centers through multimedia means such as, video, email, Weibo, etc. With the development of information technology, call center is becoming more and more important in enterprise marketing, and call center outsourcing services also came into being

you outsource, I call

"cross strait call center outsourcing industry", which sounds not only awkward but also difficult to understand. In fact, in the life of ordinary readers, the call center that won the award of excellent enterprise has been everywhere. The credit card should be increased, the electrical appliances should be repaired by the manufacturer when they are broken, and the flight delays should be changed... The reason why these things can be solved at one go is all due to the call center of relevant enterprises

according to experts, at present, the total number of seats in mainland enterprise call centers is estimated to be more than 1million, with more relevant employees reaching 5million. There is a market where there is demand. With leading service quality, Taiwan enterprises have already taken advantage of the outsourcing services of call centers in the mainland. In terms of medical and health care, they have also created a new hot spot for ECFA's top ten cross-strait service industry cooperation

Taiwan funded outsourcers quietly "denglu"

Xiamen Shuotai business technology company is the first joint venture of call center operation jointly operated by both sides of the Taiwan Strait, which is jointly established by Xiamen port group and Taiwan polishing Shiwan Chinatelecom group. Yesterday, at the site of the first cross strait call center outsourcing seminar, Zhuang Wenming, general manager of the company, introduced that at present, Shuotai mainly provides three kinds of services for customers. For example, Fubang property insurance is provided with platform rental, that is, it provides enterprises with advanced voice platform and related software and hardware functions. Through network connection, the functions of incoming and outgoing calls can be directly used at the enterprise end; In addition, they also helped Junlong life to build a call center, that is, to help enterprises establish an advanced call center system so that enterprises can operate their own call business. At the same time, it also provides service outsourcing, providing a series of overall outsourcing services including venues, seats, systems, platforms, etc

Zhuang Wenming said that more and more Taiwan call center service providers will transfer their business to Xiamen: first, because Xiamen has geographical advantages, the language is interlinked, and the labor cost occupies a certain advantage; Second, the demand in the mainland is growing, especially some Taiwan funded enterprises, pay more and more attention to the mainland market, and they need to establish a call center dedicated to serving mainland consumers

microblogging changes the industrial form

at yesterday's seminar, experts and operators in the call center service industry on both sides of the Taiwan Strait paid much attention to the market environment in the mainland. They coincidentally mentioned the impact of microblogging, a new social network, on corporate marketing thinking. As the leader of the global call center outsourcing service provider, Avaya is particularly sensitive to this impact. For other equipment used in the experiment or installation, Li Nong, vice president of a China branch, said that the future call center must be able to handle social media content. At present, the CEOs of many enterprises in the mainland have opened their own microblogs to interact with customers and carry out sales promotion, which shows this trend

according to the discussion of experts at the seminar, the emergence of new social media such as Weibo has put forward new requirements for the transfer of Taiwan's call center outsourcing industry to the mainland. An operator said at yesterday's seminar that the current competition among businesses is not product to product, but ecology to ecology. There are microblogs in the mainland and Facebook in Taiwan. Although their names are different, they are essentially a new marketing ecosystem of "please tell everyone" (different from the previous "enterprise tells customers"). For Taiwan's call center outsourcing service providers, going west to the mainland is not simply a transplant of the Taiwan model, but a seamless connection with the rapid development of the mainland's call center industry on the basis of refined services produced in Taiwan. Southeast

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