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COFCO Futures: the price of Shanghai Jiao has not been underestimated

some shout 17000 yuan, some say 23000 yuan. The long and short debate has been going on. Don't be superstitious about international investors. Their fecal splashing tactics will only set up a trap to put domestic investors on high posts, and the most important thing is to unify into the domestic pricing power dominated system. Blind optimism and pessimism are not enough

1. In the face of the determination of bulls to "buy when they die", there are good reasons to prove that bulls have done their best. In mid April, if they buy at 21500 yuan, how long will it take to see 23000 yuan? Is it late April or early May? Everyone on earth knows that the time to go up is gone, and the Bulls support the 0807 glue price. As a result, it just prolongs the rebound time and ships

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2. Since you want to see 23000 yuan, why do you let 0809 contract glue price go? Shanghai Jiao is a better variety among all domestic commodities. As long as the trend comes out, it will take a unilateral trend and also fall too far; On April 10 and 11, there was a reverse spread in the main contract of rijiao, which has not been seen in the past three years. After understanding the basic experimental principle of changing the experimental machine, we will tell investors an important message that this is not the bottom, so the bulls can do nothing about the price of 0809 contract glue

3, the sharp decline in inventory has reassured the bulls. Last week, the sub total inventory of Shanghai rubber was 65120 tons, and the closing price of the main contract was 21180 yuan; On January 12, 2007 and August 3, 2007, the inventory of Shanghai rubber was 64625 tons and 9105 tons of 6 waterproof coiled materials respectively. At that time, the corresponding main contract rubber price was 18325 yuan and 19465 yuan. From the data, it can be concluded that the current rubber price is not underestimated, not to mention that the fundamentals corresponding to the current period are worse than the previous two times

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