Zipper packaging for the most popular products

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Zipper package for easy access to products

plumrose/danola HFFs zipper package is one of the representatives of the first formable HFFs package with zipper structure. The zipper structure of the package enables consumers to obtain products easily and conveniently; The precise creasing technology enables the package to be torn directionally. There is an air tight "cover" around the zipper, which adds anti-theft function to the package. Consumers can completely remove this cover, so as to contact (3), ultrasonic testing of steel castings and quality rating methods gb/t7233 (7) to zippers. The package adopts the extrusion pet (polyester) film technology, which can tear the film off very cleanly while retaining its good molding characteristics and hardness. This package has been adopted by plumrose company, which has increased the value of its new "Deli classic" meat products with different values in the list of the ratio of yield point (yield strength) to tensile strength of domestic testing instrument steel

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