Zoomlion, the world's largest flat head tower cran

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Zoomlion, the world's largest flat head tower crane, was happy to "keep the appointment"

Zoomlion, the world's largest flat head tower crane, was happy to "keep the appointment"

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on August 20, the TV departure ceremony of the world's largest flat head tower crane, which set a Guinness record, was grandly held in Zoomlion Changde Guanxi Industrial Park, and five vehicles loaded with tower cranes slowly drove out of the park to Jiangxi and rushed to the forefront of national power construction projects. Tengmingyou, the assistant to the chairman of Zoomlion and the Secretary of the Party committee of the construction and hoisting machinery branch of the crane company, led more than 80 management, technical and production employees to see off the tower crane

tv tower crane goes to the customer's construction site

tv is a masterpiece that once again challenges the height of scientific research in the world after Zoomlion successfully developed the world's largest wheel crane, the largest crawler crane, the largest all terrain crane, the largest horizontal boom up swing jack up tower crane and the longest boom tower crane, fully demonstrating Zoomlion's leading position and leading role in the global crane industry

t3000 sensor-160v tower crane adheres to the concept of "quality first, customer first", the design and manufacturing process is meticulous, and the product quality is strictly controlled. The chief design expert, process expert and quality expert of Zoomlion will personally supervise and strictly control all key links of tower crane design, manufacturing, coating, packaging and delivery, and strive to deliver the most perfect products that Langsheng plans to further strengthen in the future to customers

we believe that with Zoomlion's profound design heritage, rigorous design concept, fine product quality and perfect service guarantee, this world's largest flat head tower crane will live up to expectations and successfully open a beautiful "first show" after we become a behemoth

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