Zoomlion launched a new generation of zsl100d buil

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Zoomlion launched a new generation of zsl100d building station sand production system

Zoomlion launched a new generation of zsl100d building station sand production system

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recently, Zoomlion concrete machinery company launched a new zsl100d building station sand production system. This product is an upgraded sand making production system launched by the company closely fitting the market. If there is a way to overcome the above shortcomings of PMMA, its use efficiency will be greatly improved. It not only continues the characteristics of ZSL series products, such as small floor area, all-weather continuous production, intelligent control, convenient maintenance, green environmental protection, but also improves through optimized configuration, system matching research, etc, This product leads the industry in terms of technical performance, reliability, energy conservation and environmental protection of Jinan trial steel strand bending machine

Zoomlion zsl100d building station sand production system

technological innovation, environmental protection and energy conservation

zsl100d sand production building adopts the overall external sealing structure for the first time in the industry, and is not afraid of rain and snow weather upheaval. As long as the raw materials meet the production requirements, they can be produced around the clock, which is not affected by the environmental zero time environment

at the same time, the product is the first high-speed and low-speed parallel sand making process in the industry. The sand making capacity is increased by more than 40% compared with products of the same level. The finished sand meets the second zone of medium sand, realizes the adjustment of grading without reducing production capacity, and solves the industrial problem of mutual restriction between output and grading

zsl100d sand making building has a multi-stage material lifting and air separation system with independent intellectual property rights, which realizes that the powder content of finished sand is% adjustable. Compared with other air separation systems in the industry, there is no need for forced air replenishment, saving more than 20% year-on-year. At the same time, the product also effectively solves the problems of screen blockage and stacking. The product has low noise and low dust emission. The active and passive noise reduction technology realizes that the noise outside the main building 80m is below 65dB, and the dust emission is lower than 30mg/m3, higher than the industrial requirements of 50mg/m3. The product covers a small area, has low sensitivity to space, and is less constrained by the site. The floor area of the main building is only 184 square meters, which is far lower than the long-term stability of polyurethane in the market. There is no problem with the floor area of the sand making main building of the same grade and specification

convenient maintenance, safe and reliable

zsl100d sand making building shaping and sand making machine is arranged on the ground, which is convenient to replace vulnerable parts, and can reduce the vibration and load of the building at the same time. The screening efficiency of the sand making building is high, and the screening efficiency is greater than 80% by using the probability screen instead of the equal thickness screen; It has independent transportation space, and the lifting process is not affected by external wind load, so as to eliminate potential safety hazards; The key equipment adopts multiple protection means such as host overload protection, over temperature protection and vibration protection to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment; Safety locks are used to ensure the absolute safety of maintenance personnel; Adopt closed interlock electrical control technology to prevent material flow accumulation caused by equipment failure; Professional metal detection alarm and iron removal technology to avoid abnormal damage to the host

with the increasing attention of the state to environmental protection, the machine-made sand industry has ushered in new development opportunities, but also put forward higher requirements for the machine-made sand production system. The newly launched Zoomlion zsl100d sand making production system has a number of advanced technologies, which can effectively solve the outstanding problems in the industry such as floor space, environmental protection, high efficiency and all-weather operation. It is bound to win the favor of customers and contribute to social energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development

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