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Xia Mingwei, the new president of MICROSCAN, paid great attention to the expanding growth opportunities in China

precautions for 201 high cycle fatigue testing machine in Beijing. On September 20, 2001, Mr. Xia Mingwei, the global technology leader of precision data acquisition and control solutions, Scott Summerville, the new global president of MICROSCAN, visited China and will visit major customers in major cities in China, And held a meeting with local media in the morning

for mesken, 2010 was a brilliant year. In 2010, maxken not only achieved sustained and strong growth in business, but also greatly improved the popularity of maxken brand in China's automatic recognition and machine vision market. In 2010, the sales volume of maxken in the Chinese market increased significantly year-on-year, and the growth rate was even close to 300%. The brilliant achievements made by mesken in 2010 undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for 2011

Mr. Xia Mingwei pointed out that at present, more than 50% of our business is outside North America, about 25% of our business is in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and 25% of our business is in Asia. Spectris group, the parent company of maxken, has one-third of its business in Asia. I am very proud of this. They provide a good platform for all their operating companies to develop and grow globally. Spectris group is a professional and technical company, providing precision instruments and control equipment. Maxken is one of its 13 global technology companies

Mr. Xia Mingwei believes that as the country with the fastest economic growth in the world, the Chinese market is definitely a business opportunity that cannot be missed for the global strategy of any enterprise. China is a market of great strategic significance for maxken. Maxken attaches great importance to the expanding growth opportunities in China. Masken's development focus is on Asia, and Asia's focus is undoubtedly China. Maxken's achievements in the Chinese market can be attributed to our high attention to the Chinese market

as for the planning of the Chinese market, Xia Mingwei said: looking forward to the future, in order to implement the long-term commitment to the Chinese market, maxken will greatly increase the investment in product research and development and human resources. At the same time, we have also formulated several strategic goals for 2011. One of them is to consolidate and establish more high-quality and stable partner distribution channels, provide the best and zero distance value-added services for many Chinese customers, and enhance their core competitiveness in the industry. We have unprecedented confidence in the Chinese market, because maxken's product research and development and price strategy fully meet the development needs of the Chinese market

maxken's commitment to China business can be seen from the initiative of the China Product Service Center, which was officially put into operation in Shanghai on July 1 this year. The service center will mainly provide fast product after-sales service for end users and channel partners in the Chinese market. The product service center will constantly adjust the service strategy and improve the service system and process as the needs of Chinese customers change, so as to effectively and timely meet the needs of customers. The establishment of China Product Service Center is an important measure of McKinsey's strategic investment in the Chinese market, and will play an important role in accelerating the localization of products and services

for the company's products, Mr. Xia Mingwei said with full confidence: maxken is the only overall solution supplier in the industry that simultaneously owns one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code and visual technology. Maxken is a company that attaches great importance to research and development. Our investment in research and development is among the best in the industry. Every year, we will launch new products that meet the market demand; On the other hand, Siemens' machine vision business acquired by maxken has nearly 30 years of successful experience. From products to technology, it is very mature, which are the core competitiveness of maxken. Maxken's full range of products fully meet the development needs of the Chinese market. Our innovative products and solutions are extremely cost-effective, which enables our customers to obtain unique competitive advantages

at the 17th China International processing, packaging and printing technology exhibition (ProPak China 2011) held by Shanghai New International Expo Center in July this year, maxken mainly introduced two new vision mini and vision hawk smart camera series. For a long time, MeSkin has followed the market demand and continuously launched the most advanced barcode and visual solutions for the packaging and printing industry. Many successful applications have been achieved in this industry, and the market is still promising to enhance the power storage rate of other power storage equipment. In the future, maxken will continue to increase its investment in the packaging and printing industry, relying on our technical advantages and in-depth understanding of the market to launch more market-leading products and solutions for the industry

when talking about his views on the future machine vision market and technology development in China, Xia Mingwei pointed out that drug inspection and food safety will be a great value-added space for the future machine vision market in China. Machine vision products will develop towards the complexity of functions and the simplification of operations. At the same time, the openness and standardization of products are also very important. Maxken will also make greater efforts to provide customers with industry-leading services in these areas

in April this year, MeSkin announced the appointment of Mr. Scott Summerville as president. Mr. Xia Mingwei has brought more than 20 years of automation experience to mesken; He previously worked mainly in Rockwell Automation Company, and worked in Rockwell Asia for 10 years. He was initially responsible for the company's marketing activities, then responsible for the Chinese market, and finally became the president in charge of the entire Asia Pacific region. Mr. Xia Mingwei was also the vice president and general manager of the public safety system division of Federal Signal Corporation. Mr. Xia Mingwei holds a degree in environmental design from Miami University in Ohio and an MBA from Kellogg School of management at Northwestern University in Illinois

Xia Mingwei's professional experience is very suitable for MeSkin company. He has a deep background in automation and automatic identification, and is good at market-oriented marketing. In addition, its global industry experience will be a valuable asset for the future growth of maxken, mainly from emerging markets and overseas markets

under the leadership of Xia Mingwei, maxken will become a more market-oriented company. By understanding customers' industries and application fields, maxken will be committed to developing solutions and support services that they attach great importance to. Mr. Xia Mingwei believes that there are indeed many opportunities in the core market of MeSkin. Manufacturers in the electronics, automotive and life sciences markets need more data to protect, track and trace their products and optimize the supply chain

Mr. Xia Mingwei concluded: maxken has a strong customer base and good development opportunities in China. In the future, we will continue to invest in the Chinese market, devote ourselves to product localization, comprehensively improve the service and support system in China, and seek companies with technical characteristics as partners to continuously develop new products to meet the needs of customers

about spectris group

spectris group is a company that manufactures precision instruments and control equipment. The company achieved sales of $1.2 billion in 2009 and has 5800 employees in 29 countries around the world. Spectris is listed on the London Stock Exchange (stock code --sxs) and is the initiator of TechMark (London Stock Exchange Technology Company index). Headquartered in the UK

spectris' products cover four technical fields: material analysis, testing and measurement, analyzer and industrial control equipment. The company's products and technologies help customers improve product quality and performance, improve core manufacturing processes, reduce waste, reduce downtime and accelerate product launch time. Its global customer base covers a wide range of end-user markets

Introduction to MICROSCAN company of the United States

as a multinational company focusing on accurate data acquisition and control solutions and committed to providing automatic tracking, tracing and control systems for key production processes for the manufacturing industry around the world, MICROSCAN company of the United States will work with our customers and partners to jointly promote China's manufacturing industry into the world's advanced ranks

American maxken company, founded in 1982, has a long history of technological innovation, including the development of the world's first laser diode bar code scanner and 2D symbol data matrix. It is a top brand in the global auto ID and machine vision industry. At present, maxken is still the technology leader in the field of automatic recognition and machine vision, with tracking, tracing and control solutions for a variety of industry applications, from basic barcode reading to complex machine vision detection and measurement

American maxken company has passed ISO 9001:2008 certification, and has been recognized by global customers for its first-class product quality. As a supplier of high-quality and high-precision automatic identification technology, maxken has been well known and trusted by customers all over the world. MICROSCAN belongs to spectris group

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