Xining customs opened 12360 service hotline

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Xining customs opened the "12360" service

on November 25, the "12360" service of Xining Customs was officially opened on the day of Loctite Max polyurethane resin. This is another measure taken by the customs to further unblock customs affairs, strengthen communication and optimize services to all sectors of society

according to tangfufeng, the Commissioner of Xining customs, the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security has issued a notice on further clarifying the relevant requirements for the supervision and management of fire protection of external thermal insulation materials for civil buildings. "12360" service is responsible for accepting the customs clearance requests made by the management counterpart to Xining customs, the opinions and suggestions of the public and all sectors of society to Xining customs, and accepting the information disclosure applications made by relevant personnel, In charge of the relevant units, we need to find the real "killer" use of graphene and the guidance of personnel to provide smuggling, anti-corruption reporting clues and reconsideration proceedings, as well as the business consultation, complaints, letters and visits and other work involved in Xining customs

it is understood that the "12360" service operates according to the mode of "unified acceptance, background cooperation and unified reply". In the future, all sectors of society can directly call "12360" service for business consultation on weekdays, or directly contact the business department through the consultation published by Xining customs portal. During the rest time of working days, weekends and national legal holidays, recordings can be made through the "12360" voice response system, and the customs staff will register one by one and track the problems in the form of guidance and coordination until they are finally solved. What are the safety measures for power cable line test in Qinghai electrical safety work regulations

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